10 Emoji Meanings That Don’t Mean What You Think

  1. Are you using these emojis as they should be used?
  2. Information desk Man
  3. I don’t see the angry monkey
  4. woman with rabbit ears
  5. Surprised face
  6. Dizzy Symbol
  7. Nail polish
  8. Open hands symbol
  9. Man with folded hands
  10. Roasted sweet potatoes
  11. name badge

Are you using these emojis as they should be used?

Just typing a wink emoji or emoticons online or in a text message is enough to get your point across to something other than just words, but did you know that you can keep the original meaning of some emojis online and in texts on the screen all the time? real fact misinterpreted and misused?

Are you using these emojis correctly? You might be surprised at what they actually mean! (PS Doesn’t the term bitmoji bother you? That’s the difference! Then of course Apple had to come into play with animoji. So much to know just two terms.)

For other less obvious emoji meanings, you can check out Emojipedia, a site that keeps track of all emoji that are part of the Unicode standard. In the list below, you’ll find some of the emojis that are most commonly used online or via texting, but often interpreted as something completely different from what they’re intended for.

Information desk Man

What most people think it means: At first glance you have to admit that it is quite difficult to perceive this as an “information man”. Where’s the table?! Most people call it “smiley” because of the position of the girl’s hand. It is fashionable to use it in a message while trying to be cheeky or cheeky.

What does this really mean? . Believe it or not, the girl’s hand is positioned to express helpfulness, as if asking, “How can I help you?” After all, that’s what the people of the information service do.

I don’t see the angry monkey

What most people think it means: most people think that this monkey’s hands in front of his eyes indicate an unpleasant “oops” expression. It’s not uncommon to see people using this emoji to playfully express embarrassment or emphasize that they’ve made a funny mistake.

What does it really mean? . As the name suggests, this monkey closes its eyes to “see no evil” as part of the proverb “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. That’s why you see two more emoji monkeys next to it – one covering the ears and the other covering the mouth.

woman with rabbit ears

What most people think it means: this is a more complicated way to interpret, but more often than not, you’ll be using it a lot to express ideas like “we’re best friends!” and “let’s have fun together!” In one form or another it is used for communication and friendship.

What does this really mean? Rabbit-eared women emoji are actually the Japanese version of what Americans call Playboy bunnies – usually a very attractive bunny-eared woman. The Google and Microsoft versions of this emoji only show the face of one bunny-eared woman.

Surprised face

What most people think it means: this emoji face has two X marks on it and many people see it as dead or dying. Another emoji called “Dizzy Face” is almost identical to this one, but has no upper teeth in its mouth, as seen in the “Surprised Face” emoji. Still confused?

What does this actually mean: The Astonished Face emoji actually has nothing to do with death. But if you want to express shock and surprise, use it. On the other hand, if you feel dizzy, you should use the nearly identical Dizzy Face emoji. It may not make much sense, but that’s how they were meant to be!

Dizzy Symbol

What most people think it means: it really looks like a shooting star. often used with other space emoticons such as the moon, earth, and sun. People also often use it to express something magical or special.

What does this really mean? Believe it or not, this is not a shooting star. It is actually a symbol that is supposed to convey dizziness. Think back to the cartoons where you used to see the stars spinning around the heads of some characters after being hit with an anvil or something. Logical now, right?

Nail polish

What most people think it means: Like the information desk emoji, many people use nail polish emojis to express their stubbornness or “I’m better/prettier than you” attitude — kind of like some people like to show off their looks or beauty.

What does this really mean? It’s just a woman’s hand painting her nails pink with nail polish. Nothing more nothing less. There is no deeper meaning behind this.

Open hands symbol

What most people think it means: Two open hands are shown here, which can be interpreted in different ways. Sometimes you can see this being used to convey the fluttering jazz dance movement you usually see in some performances. (Jazz hands.)

What does it really mean? . As teasing as they look, these hands are meant to express openness, as if someone were inviting you to hug them.

Man with folded hands

What most people think it means: In the western world, the “man with folded hands” emoji is usually seen as a person praying. People often use it when begging or expressing their desire for something.

What does this actually mean: In Japan, the folded hand gesture is often used to say “please” and “thank you”. » , so it’s not far from what most people think it means at all. There have been some suggestions that this emoji was actually a five and some people use it for that.

Roasted sweet potatoes

What most people think it means: there are many food emojis and this is one of the weirdest things. To most people it looks like some kind of nut.

What does this really mean? These are actually baked sweet potatoes harvested during the fall season in Japan. They can sometimes have purple skin as seen in this emoji.

name badge

What most people think it means: no, it’s not a tulip. It’s not fire either. It certainly looks like both. Do you have any idea what it really is?

What does it mean . This is a license plate. You write your name in a white rectangle and spell it on your shirt. In western culture, this iOS emoji can be considered oddly shaped for a name but in a kindergarten class in Japan.

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