To implement a creative approach to ordinary things, only skilled hands and a little ingenuity are needed. For example, a glue gun is an appropriate tool in many everyday situations. The ideas for using hot glue are surprisingly simple. From there, you can do a lot of things and solve everyday problems quickly. Universal composition simplifies life, helping to get rid of troubles in the household.


  • a hot glue without gun
  • 2 slippery shoes
  • 3 furniture repair
  • 4 sink stopper
  • five Smartphone wire repair
  • 6 screwdriver repair
  • 7 Improve slippery hangers
  • 8 tape measure with pencil
  • new Quick drain cleaning with a glue gun
  • ten pet grooming glove

hot glue without gun

There is no need to take a hot melt adhesive device with you on the road. For travel use, you can put a drop on a match close to the head and wait for it to solidify. In the future, if necessary, to glue something, you just need to set it on fire and heat the mass. It will turn out soft, suitable for various purposes.

slippery shoes

Applying multiple strips of hot glue across a sole that is too smooth may improve its traction performance or Dear. The idea is relevant for:

  • slates in the pool, which is annoying and dangerous;
  • sneakers or slide shoes
  • children’s slippers also require similar treatment. If the child constantly runs on a slippery floor


Shoes will not slip if a protector is created on the outsole – frozen relief. The glue has a “rubbery” composition, which gives it all the necessary qualities to eliminate the problem of instability of the steps. The surface is made ribbed by applying patterns. Sometimes a few frozen drops, evenly distributed over the plane, are enough.

furniture repair

Cabinets and drawers that make loud noises when closed can be improved with hot glue. You just need to take a gun and apply 1-2 drops to the places where the roar appears. The contact will become softer. After the composition dries, shock absorbers are formed, which reduce the noise level and prevent damage to furniture. When you apply a small amount of glue to the shelf, the door will stop hitting it.

Another idea is to improve the design of a sliding chair on tiles or parquet. It is necessary to cut a thin sponge into cubes and glue the pieces to the legs. For lightweight chairs, fabric flaps are applicable. The problem of furniture upholstery is also easily solved. The fabric of the chairs is often frayed. It is easily replaced by cutting a piece of fabric to the correct size and gluing it to the surface. The thermal composition perfectly maintains the padding after drying.

sink stopper

Sometimes there is no stopper in the sink or tub. In this case, making it yourself will help simplify your life. You need to put a balloon on the gun, squeeze out a little mass, tightly close the hole in the sink and press it with your hand. After the hot melt has dried, it remains to form the rubber stopper from it.

Smartphone wire repair

A partially torn cable for a mobile device can be connected by soldering the seam with a glue gun. The thermal composition after drying is an excellent insulating material. To strengthen the charge of the smartphone, you need to cover the weak points of the wire from all sides. Namely, those in which it bends. Glue will replace electrical tape, as it has waterproof properties.

screwdriver repair

Breakage of the handle of the tool in most cases leads to its complete uselessness. But if you have a glue gun at hand, you can attach a screwdriver very quickly and easily. You will need a disposable syringe with a volume of 10 ml. Cut the end of it and fill it with hot glue.

The metal core of the tool is previously removed from the plastic. Acting quickly until the mass solidifies, you need to insert it into the syringe. It remains to wait until the new handle hardens and can be removed.

The tool will turn out to be quite durable, ready for further use. Knives and other objects are repaired in the same way.

Improve slippery hangers

When you slip shirts, blouses on hangers in the closet, you can use a glue gun and quickly solve the problem. Transverse stripes, dots or a zigzag of warm composition are applied to the hanger. Once the relief has dried, the clothes will hold securely. Even silk products will stop slipping.

tape measure with pencil

It is not always convenient to make markup without outside help. Sometimes it’s hard to use a tape measure and a pencil at the same time. For such a case, there is a way out. You will need office clamps and a hot glue gun.

The pencil is fixed with a clip, the latter is glued to the side of the measuring tape. Marking will become easier after such improvement and the pencil will not be lost.

Quick drain cleaning with a glue gun

Often the sink drain hole is clogged with hair or food waste. Hot glue is easy to make a disposable filter. You will need a “floating” candle in an aluminum container.

Having placed it upside down, you need to draw a grid with longitudinal and transverse lines with a gun, circle the edge. After hardening, the plastic “cobweb” is removed from the base. The finished product is inserted into the drain and is easily removed after the accumulation of debris.

pet grooming glove

You can create a great “scratch” for pets with hot glue. It is enough to apply dots or tubercles to a dense economical rubber glove from the side of the palm. After the glue dries, the resulting device will collect the animal’s hair without discomfort for it. You have to put on a glove in your hand and stroke the cat, dog with a little pressure.

The benefits of using hot glue are obvious. The presented selection of life hacks will help you in various situations. The little things make life easier, and to do them you don’t need to have any special skills. And if you still don’t have a glue gun, don’t hesitate to buy one.