11 Best Places to Find Free Fonts

  1. Thousands of free fonts to choose from
  2. dafont.com
  3. What do we like?
  4. What we don’t like
  5. FontSpace
  6. What do we like?
  7. What we don’t like
  8. 1001 free fonts
  9. What do we like?
  10. What we don’t like
  11. font structure
  12. What do we like?
  13. What we don’t like
  14. Belka Font
  15. What do we like?
  16. What we don’t like
  17. Urban Fonts
  18. What do we like?
  19. What we don’t like
  20. abstract fonts
  21. What do we like?
  22. What we don’t like
  23. FontZone
  24. What do we like?
  25. What we don’t like
  26. acidic fonts
  27. What do we like?
  28. What we don’t like
  29. FFonts
  30. What do we like?
  31. What we don’t like
  32. fawn
  33. What do we like?
  34. What we don’t like

Thousands of free fonts to choose from

Free fonts are a great way to spice up your print or online projects at no extra cost. There are many great free fonts out there and there is really no reason to pay for a font when you can get such good ones for free.

When looking for free fonts, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which free font sites are good and which ones will fill your inbox with spam or, worst case scenario, infect your computer with a virus. I’ve made it easy for you to find your next free font by listing my pick of the top 10 places to find free fonts.

These free fonts sites have thousands of free fonts, are easy to navigate, let you preview a font before downloading it, and make the process of getting the font you want quick and easy.

Many fonts are downloaded as ZIP files. You must extract the files before you can use the free font. After the free font file is extracted, you must go through a simple process to install the font on your computer before you can use it.

All the free fonts on these sites are free for personal use. Each font has a note indicating whether it is free for commercial use or not.

If you’re looking for specialty fonts, here are my top picks for fall fonts, Halloween fonts, and Easter fonts.


What do we like?

  • You can view the comments for each font.

  • Simple font example.

  • Well organized.

What we don’t like

  • Some paid fonts are expensive.

  • Various low quality fonts.

dafont.com tops my list as the best place to find free fonts online, and after spending a few minutes there, you’ll see that finding and getting a font from start to finish couldn’t be easier.

At dafont.com, you’ll find a large number of unique fonts in many specific categories, making it easy to find a high-quality general or specialty font.

dafont.com also makes it quick and easy to view and download the free font of your choice.

Visit dafont.com


What do we like?

  • Can view multiple sites at once.

  • Huge choice.

  • Account registration is not required.

What we don’t like

  • Some fonts are not licensed for commercial use.

  • Lots of advertising.

FontSpace claims that they have thousands of fonts uploaded by users around the world, and it really is.

What really sets FontSpace apart from other free font websites is their list of the top 1,000 most popular fonts, the ability to view multiple fonts at once, and the fast download process for the chosen font.

Visit FontSpace

1001 free fonts

What do we like?

  • Large variety.

  • Custom examples.

What we don’t like

  • The character map does not always accurately determine the width of the characters.

  • The preview is limited to 20 characters.

If you are looking for many different fonts with a large preview window, the free font site 1001 Free Fonts is a great place.

Despite the name, there are over 1,001 fonts here, about 29,000 to be exact. These free fonts are then categorized, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You will come back to 1001 Free Fonts because of their great font samples, which can be easily modified to display custom text in different sizes.

Visit 1001 Free Fonts

font structure

What do we like?

  • An easy way to create fonts.

  • Free for developing custom fonts.

What we don’t like

  • More aimed at those who want to create their own fonts.

  • An account registration is required to use the tool.

Fontstruct is a unique free font website whose main purpose is to use their online editor to create your own font. This is a great option if you’re looking for something so unique it hasn’t even been made yet.

Fontstruct is also a great place because users who have created their own fonts often share them for anyone to download the final product. This makes it a great place to be even if you don’t want to take the time to create your own font.

Visit fontstruct

Belka Font

What do we like?

  • All fonts are free for any use.

  • Simple example.

  • The Webfont Generator tool allows you to download fonts to convert for use on the web.

What we don’t like

  • The choice is not as extensive as some other options.

  • The terms of use vary from font to font, despite the site’s claim that it is “100% free for commercial use”.

All free fonts in Font Squirrel are free for both personal and commercial use. So if you’re looking for a free font for commercial use, you know that any font you’ll find here is a safe bet.

There aren’t as many fonts here as some other free font websites, but the ones they have are excellent quality and it’s nice to know that they can all be used commercially.

If you are going to use the font on a website, you will love that you can preview each font to see how it will look on the web.

Visit Belka Font

Urban Fonts

What do we like?

  • Marking makes it easier to find.

  • Customizable examples.

What we don’t like

  • License details are missing or in some cases unclear.

  • The character set often does not contain European characters.

You’ll love all the ways you can find free fonts in UrbanFonts. Some of my favorites are in the top 100, editor’s favorites, and use tags at the bottom of the homepage.

The font preview in UrbanFonts has all the standards and an extra feature that allows you to preview the font and background in any color you want.

The downloads here are simple and you can quickly and easily find the font you need on your computer.

Visit UrbanFonts

abstract fonts

What do we like?

  • Clean interface.

  • Updated regularly.

What we don’t like

  • Not all are labeled for commercial use.

Abstract Fonts has over 13,700 fonts uploaded by designers around the world. You can search free fonts by category, designer, recent and popularity here.

If you become a registered user of Abstract Fonts, which is optional but completely free, you get the added benefit of downloading up to 100 fonts in one compressed file.

Visit Abstract Fonts


What do we like?

  • Huge assortment.

  • No account required.

What we don’t like

  • The limited preview does not allow you to see what the text block will look like.

FontZone is another source of free font downloads. It contains over 50,000 fonts in various categories, so you can find shadow, script, italic, architectural, pixel, text, techno, and rounded fonts, among others.

You can also browse these free fonts by popularity.

All fonts are previewable before downloading so you can see how custom text will look for a specific font.

Registration is not required as you do not need an account to download these fonts.

Visit FontZone

acidic fonts

What do we like?

  • Interference-free interface.

  • Instant search.

What we don’t like

  • There are no character cards.

  • The preview function can be difficult.

Acid Fonts has many different categories of free fonts that you can browse to find the one you want. If browsing isn’t your thing, you can also search by keyword.

Here is a simple font sample waiting for you and no need to look at the character map before downloading. Acid Fonts without too much clutter can get you into a dead end if you already know what you’re looking for and just want to find a font quickly.

Visit Acid Fonts


What do we like?

  • Big choice.

  • Clean interface except ads.

What we don’t like

  • spam.

  • Low quality mixed fonts.

FFonts has a lot of unique free fonts, but you have to go through spam to get them.

This is a regular site with free fonts, but it makes the list because of the wide variety of fonts available.

Visit FFonts


What do we like?

  • Example of all characters.

  • Provides a web version of the fonts.

What we don’t like

  • The quality varies enormously.

  • Finding the right font here is more difficult than on other sites.

Fawnt has many free fonts (over 9000) that range in quality from good to bad. The main page has a list of the most popular downloadable fonts, but apart from that, you’ll find a few low-quality fonts to find a gem among them.

Once you find a font you like, you can preview the free text font and see all available characters.

Visit Found

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