To create culinary masterpieces, a sharp knife is needed. Therefore, in the kitchen, an electric sharpener should always be at hand. This article talks about the advantages of budget light fixtures from AliExpress.

TAIDEA electric knife sharpener

The compact model (210x71x77mm) from the Chinese brand GRINDER is essential for sharpening kitchen knives. It is ideal for processing metal and ceramic blades. The device belongs to the category of professional tools.

The model is made in a black and red design, differs in ergonomics, is conveniently fixed by a palm, is structurally safe. During work the two-level system of edge polishing is applied.

The model turns on with a single button. It has no additional parameters. Recharges via USB cable. Replaceable sharpening blocks.

The cost starts from 2200 rubles.

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Electric sharpener RE002

This desktop model is perfect for those who love white kitchen accessories and perfectly sharp blades. The electric device of the RisamSHA brand has compact dimensions of 69x238x67 mm, a plastic case and European safety certificates.

Four sharpening elements, a cord with a European socket and an ergonomic shape allow you to quickly and safely restore the sharpness of the blades.

The price is 2500-2800 rubles.

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Multifunctional knife sharpener

The Credeae brand electric sharpener is versatile and suitable for sharpening knives, kitchen scissors and screwdrivers. He has:

  • 4 blade slots with cutting edge for daily knife maintenance and grinding wheel for blunt cutting tools,
  • special connector for sharpening all types of scissors,
  • hole to restore the functionality of flat screwdrivers.

The dimensions of the household sharpener plastic case are 230x90x65mm.

The model is available in the colors red-black and white-black. Works from a 220B network. The electric wire is supplied with a standard Chinese plug. European adapter included.

The cost ranges from 1900 to 2200 rubles.

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A knife sharpener is a handy and effective tool for restoring the sharpness of blades. Electric models cope with this task faster and better than mechanical models. To cook with pleasure and not suffer from slicing vegetables and meat, buy kitchen appliances from well-known Chinese brands.