A drill is an essential power tool for a home workshop. The versatility of the small device is impressive: grinding, milling, drilling, as well as polishing surfaces. The range of all kinds of nozzles is very large, but the main thing is that you can make your own, in just a few minutes.

Cutter of a lighter

The easiest way to make a nozzle for an engraver is to use an ordinary lighter with a wheel.

All you need is the ignition itself, which consists of two side parts and a central abrasive – this is the element you need. The sides break off easily with a flathead screwdriver, and the center wheel should be firmly attached to the stand.

It is convenient to process small elements of wooden, polymer and metal parts with such a cutter for a drill.

Grinding discs

Abrasive discs with frequent work with a drill are quickly erased, and the price for new sets is unreasonably high. Home craftsmen who constantly have to use an engraver began to make their own more often. The easiest way is to cut a disc of sandpaper with scissors, but to maintain a neat circle, if you have to cut dozens of discs, not everyone has enough patience.

To do this, it is better to make a special lotion that will allow you to make abrasive discs at home not inferior in quality to purchased ones. The first thing you need are two 1×3.5 cm pieces sawn from wood or textolite. The pieces are glued together on one edge with strong glue – epoxy is fine. This is done in such a way that there is a gap of 1-2 mm between the unglued parts. To do this, before pressing, simply insert a ruler or two plastic cards folded together into the slot.

When the glue has completely hardened, a through hole should be made at the end of the unglued edge. Its diameter must correspond to the support of the drill. On the rod of the drill with which the hole was made, it is necessary to make a notch with a small cutter. The drill working area is closed with any suitable cap, and a spring is fitted at the other end. The sharpened rod is inserted into the hole after laying a sheet of sandpaper between the glued parts. One click on the cap – the hole is ready.

Also, in order to get the perfect grinding wheel with your own hands, you need to make a U-shaped cutting nozzle for the engraver from a piece of tin, with sharpened edges. It looks like a ballerina exercise.

It should be placed on the chuck and, focusing on the previously made holes, cut out the perfect disc from the sandpaper for the drill.

Flap wheels for drum

To make a quality petal circle, you will need a tube that matches the diameter of your existing engraving drum. A strip of paper about 5 mm wide is wrapped around this tube along its entire length.

Each round must be firmly glued to the previous one. When everything is dry, you can remove the core and cut the paper cylinder into equal parts corresponding to the width of the drum.

Now the previously cut equal pieces of sandpaper should be glued to the paper blanks. They are fixed in such a way that the general appearance of the nozzle resembles a turbine.

If you use good glue, such a circle of petals for a drill will last no less than one bought in a store.