The following type of situation is very common. I bought a powerful, new, expensive lawnmower. But there, it’s bad luck, it’s uncomfortable to hold, and the hands get tired too quickly. So what to do in such a situation? In such a case, special vests have been invented that distribute the entire load on the back and shoulders. They improve both comfort and productivity. This article introduces 3 models of posture belts from Aliexpress.


All straps in contact with the body are made of durable material with soft padding inside. For a more secure fit on the back, the shoulder straps are connected by a hard plastic plate. There are also additional supports on the side and on the ribs. The main back plate has holes that improve back ventilation, allowing you to go about your business more comfortably. The trimmer itself is attached to a special carabiner. All straps in the design are adjustable and fixed. Each buyer will be able to customize them according to their own preferences. This seller offers a belt with a simpler and lighter design. In addition, you can pay attention to the nozzles for mowers, they are also present there. Oxford cloth is used in production. The belt is made by VAHIGCY brand.

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This model is a little simpler than the previous one, but it fully fulfills its purpose. The straps are made of nylon. An adjustment for the individual parameters of each person is present. Among the additional supports, there is only one belt designed to be mounted on the ribs. The main advantage is portability. This vest is foldable and takes up very little space. The weight of the product is only 350 grams. The general principle of operation is classic – the distribution of the load on the back/body. One vest per order.

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The straps are linen. The trimmer is also attached to a metal carabiner. There are two colors: red and black. Of the three vests, this is the cheapest. There is an adjustment for the height and width of the person. However, this belt is otherwise similar to the previous one.

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If you need a more stable body fit, better materials, softer straps, the first option is more suitable for you.

People who have the task of saving money and getting a vest with a trimmer attachment at the thigh, it would be better to take a second vest.

And for people who want to save as much as possible, while still getting a quality product, the third option would be the best option. There is also a choice of colors.