Electricity prices are constantly rising, which is why astronomical amounts appear on bills. In such a situation, it is important to save energy. One of the most effective ways to reduce your monthly electricity bill is to save on lighting. If you are also worried about the colossal sums you have to withdraw each month to pay all your bills, this article is for you.

Buy LED lamps

Conventional incandescent lamps are a very uneconomic light source: only a few percent of the electricity consumed is spent on lighting, the rest is converted into heat. You can save a lot of money using modern incandescent lamps.

The efficiency of modern LED bulbs approaches 90%. This means that they consume 8 to 10 times less light and give the same luminous flux as conventional light sources. In this case, you can choose a spectrum of light that will be most pleasing to the eye.

The only disadvantage of LED is its high cost. But it pays for itself very quickly thanks to energy savings and a long service life. After buying it once, you can save on buying another light source for several years. If the lamp fails earlier, it can still be replaced.

Implementation of automation

Lighting the yard of a private and country house can cost a penny. But even walking in the dark is unacceptable: an unlit yard will become easy prey for thieves. By installing a photoelectric relay, motion detectors, you can turn on lighting equipment exactly when you need it.

To install a motion detector, you must first analyze the location of each lamp and only then install it. Using a sensor, a powerful spotlight will not sit idle: it will only turn on when, for example, someone goes out on the porch at night. For the device to work well, you need to install it so that it does not work during the day.

A photoelectric relay is needed for the light to turn on automatically when it gets dark. In the morning, the light will turn off automatically.

The maximum saving effect will be if you combine the motion detector and the photo relay. In this case, the light will only turn on at night and only if the sensor is triggered.

Using a pulse relay, you can effectively control lighting from different locations. This will also result in significant savings.

Use of natural light

Natural light must be used correctly and rationally. In this case, the electricity consumption will be significantly reduced. Here are some tips to help you save energy in your home.

  1. Windows should be cleaned regularly. In the event of a high level of dust, they will transmit half as much light.
  2. The area in front of the windows should be cleared of unnecessary objects. Even a large dry branch will contribute to the darkness of the room.
  3. The workplace should be located as close as possible to the window: this will reduce the consumption of electricity by the table lamp.
  4. Heavy curtains should not be used: they retain a significant amount of natural light. It is their fault if in cloudy weather the light has to be turned on even during the day.

There are many ways to save on lighting, and all of them are easy to implement in practice. By changing the lamps in the house, starting next month, it will be possible to see how much electricity payments have fallen. And with the help of other means of saving energy, energy will be used rationally, which will also positively affect the family budget.