In the absence of the possibility of gasification, there is a quite acceptable heating option. The use of electrical appliances for heating does not require large cash costs, unlike gasification. The presence of electrical networks everywhere, it is for this reason that home heating is used with the help of electricity. But not all electric home heaters are efficient.

air conditioners

A special household appliance designed to cool the air is called an air conditioner. However, in our time, most of such equipment is equipped with a heating function, which allows the owner to use it not only in the warm season, but also in the cold season. With the help of special settings, the user can adjust the air temperature in the room to suit him.

However, the operation of the air conditioner is not possible in case of critical outside temperature, indicated in the user manual.

At a negative temperature, the water in the radiator grilles freezes and turns into ice, which affects the performance of the device and disables the tubes of the heat exchanger.

Oil heaters

This heater consists of a steel casing containing a heating element and a container containing mineral oil. The operation of the heater is organized as follows: when the liquid is heated, the heat is transferred to the surface of the heater. Due to radiation and convection, the air temperature increases.

Each heater has its own power, which is designed to heat a room. Movement around the house is done using attached wheels and a mechanical thermostat is controlled.

The use of oil heaters is very safe, since the heating elements are located inside the electrical appliance, and in case of overturning, the protection is activated.

But the warm-up time of the room is very impressive, since the heater itself warms up to 30 minutes. And this is not the only negative, because the heating of the room is uneven, due to the fact that the oil heater accumulates hot air around it.

Electric heat guns

Electric heat guns are one of the types of heaters that have high power and directional heating type. The characteristics of this heater depend on its intended purpose.

Using these devices is quite simple. Air enters through the holes on the surface of the case, which is directed by the fan to the heating element and becomes hot. The air masses coming out of the “nozzle” of the gun are quickly and evenly distributed inside the room.

The disadvantages of the device include noisy operation, since a fan is used to disperse hot air. But also a rapid drop in temperature after turning off the device. And the main drawback is the rapid wear of the heating elements, which must be replaced.

Heating a home with electric heaters is the most environmentally friendly way to heat a home, as there are no by-products – gas emissions, soot, etc.

However, these devices have significant drawbacks.

When using an air conditioner, this is a limitation of the temperature of the outside air, an oil heater – uneven and prolonged heating of the room, electric heat guns – noisy operation and rapid failure of the heating elements.

Therefore, heating a house in this way should be considered if it is not possible to run a gas line to the house.