To heat a private house, in most cases, solid fuel boilers are used. They are very efficient and not only coal or firewood can be used as raw materials – often owners burn household garbage in them. There are many nuances that you need to be aware of when choosing a solid fuel boiler. But today we will analyze three main points.


The price range is very wide. It all depends on the brand, the heated area, the principle of operation and the type of fuel loading. In addition, solid fuel boilers can be both industrial and domestic – the former are significantly more expensive.

It is important to determine the heated area and, depending on this parameter, select the power of the device. At the same time, you should not choose the most budgetary or expensive options. High-end equipment will be too expensive, and its full potential will not be useful in an average private house. The most affordable boilers, on the contrary, may not be able to fully heat the house and have poor build quality. It is better to find a model that will cost above average and study it in more detail.


Despite the unpretentiousness of solid fuel boilers, they require periodic maintenance. The main thing to do is to clean the internal surfaces from soot, soot and resin. If the walls are covered with a thick layer of combustion products, the efficiency of work decreases. When choosing a solid fuel boiler, you should pay attention to the availability of internal cleaning cavities – the easier, the better.

It is important to take into account that the intensity of the formation of deposits on the walls of the combustion chamber depends on the fuel and thrust used.

Cleaning the device, when using high-quality coal and wood, is carried out once a month or three weeks. If the oven is made of low-quality raw materials, then the inner walls will have to be cleaned much more often – once a week.

Usually, special scrapers are included with the device, but other suitable tools can be used. Each model has special technological holes designed specifically for maintenance. After the procedure, they must be closed.

Additional heating costs

If you decide to install a solid fuel boiler for heating your home, be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend additional money on raw materials for its operation. Owners of such units should always have enough firewood and charcoal. It is advisable not to save on them, especially on coal, and order a quality product.

It is also worth considering the installation of the system, which will require additional investment. It may be necessary to build a full-fledged dry place to store solid fuel if it is not on site.

A solid fuel boiler will be a valid option for heating a private residential building and will save money in the long run. The most important thing is to choose the right model that will fully meet your requirements.