During outdoor recreation, a reliable lamp is simply necessary so that lovers of extreme adventures do not feel cut off from civilization. Previously, travelers and fishermen faced this problem with torches, shards and gas or alcohol burners, which are generally used for cooking. However, nowadays it is no longer relevant to use these insecure light sources, as there are inexpensive stand-alone lamps on the market. You just need to learn how to choose the right option that will not let you down even during severe frosts.

Standard camping lamp

Even the word camping appeared in Russian quite recently. Therefore, most outdoor enthusiasts are still unaware of the existence of such lamps. However, now in the domestic market, consumers are offered several modifications of camping lanterns with built-in batteries, including those that can be recharged by electricity or using a special mechanism with a handle, as well as solar energy.

When choosing such a lamp, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • power – the lantern should illuminate the entire tent (models with directional radiation should be excluded immediately);
  • the presence of LEDs – lamp fixtures in this case are not recommended;
  • design – the case should be made of reliable material and have a hook or strap for hanging it.

The choice of a camping lamp will only be justified if such a model has sufficient power. Among experienced travelers and experienced anglers, Black Diamond brand lights are very popular, which, although quite compact, provide bright light, operate on standard AAA batteries and are capable of illuminating the tent for at least 70 hours.

Automotive lamps

Another “working” option. Rechargeable flashlights are distinguished by a bright glow, but they also have an unpleasant “appendage” in the form of wires through which the lamps are connected to the battery. In this case, the problem with the “battery” for 12V in this case will have to be dealt with separately. You can simply buy a battery for a moped or build your own set of lithium-ion batteries.

The advantages of these lanterns are considered bright and rather long glow, and the main disadvantage is the overall heavy and bulky design.

However, there are exceptions in all cases. The Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 portable unit is said to do the job perfectly, as it weighs only 440 grams and has enough power to light up the interior of tents of almost any size. In addition, this autonomous light source is able to work without recharging for 48 hours and “gives” a warm and dimmable light that will not irritate the eyes.

Gas lamps and light fixtures

Another type of portable lanterns whose principle is to create a luminous flux due to the flame of a slow-burning gas. Each of these lamps is equipped with a reflector, which should increase the strength of the luminous flux.

However, the illumination in this case will be quite weak. But gas lanterns are compact in size and lightweight, which is important on a long trip. In addition, these devices are able to perform auxiliary functions – heating and warming food.

A good option would be a domestic development – a BTrace G7 tourist lamp. This lamp is very light (175 grams), works with a gas cartridge and consumes very little fuel (up to 40 g/hour). The body of the device is made of stainless steel and has a practical design with a transport and suspension system.