The area of ​​​​ordinary city apartments is not always sufficient to comfortably accommodate all the appliances and equipment available in the house. However, problems can also arise in a country house. Usually the washing machine is located in the bathroom. But if the layout and dimensions of this room do not allow you to place equipment, then you need to look for another convenient solution. Often they choose a kitchen, a hallway. But there are more interesting and even unexpected solutions.

Above the toilet

In fact, even a bulky washing machine can be “slid” into a standard city apartment toilet. An extraordinary solution is to hang the devices above the toilet. When choosing such a solution, double attention should be paid to ensuring safety. It is clear that if the washing machine is improperly fixed, it can fall on a person’s head and cause serious injury.

When installing equipment above the toilet, it is important to follow the instructions. So, experts say the drain should be small, but not too much. Great if it can be placed at drum level. If the equipment has not yet been purchased, it is better to give preference not to a standard automatic machine, but to models with a load of laundry in the middle, and not from above.

You can solve the installation problem if you combine two rooms: a bathroom and a toilet. But in this case, of course, it will be necessary to make a major overhaul, that is, to break the wall, independently create a new place to connect the toilet, hide communications, etc. But if you carry out such repairs, you can get a very spacious room, in which even large-sized equipment fits perfectly.

Interestingly, even washing machines with flush tank functions are now on the market. This equipment is designed specifically to hang over the toilet. The main thing is that the water that accumulates after washing will then be drained. Indeed, it will significantly save both space and water.

In the closet

Another unexpected option is to place the typewriter in the hallway. If you arrange the equipment stylistically in the same way as the interior of the hallway, then it will become completely invisible. Or you can just cover the equipment with something and use it as a table to store keys and other accessories.

Many people think that this solution is not the most convenient. The fact is that the machine can “go away” during operation, thereby scratching the laminate or damaging the carpet. But you can find another option. For example, place the machine in a cabinet with the bottom removed, in this case only the door of the cabinet will serve as a limiter for the movement of equipment. Works can be connected from behind through walls. This solution is very practical: when the cabinet doors are open, a person has full access to the unit, when closed, it will simply not be visible.

under the stairs

This unexpected solution is perfect for those who live in a country house. Placing a washing machine under the stairs is a fairly standard option. But everything must be planned from the first stages of construction. In this case, communication can be organized properly.

If the dimensions and height of the stairs allow, you can even arrange a miniature utility room in this place. For example, hang shelves for storing household appliances, put an ironing board. You can also make non-standard doors under the stairs, completely hiding the room from prying eyes.