DVD and CD players are slowly living their last days. For another 15-20 years, the DVD player was widely used for watching videos, listening to music, and it was impossible to imagine a computer without it. Now, the situation has changed radically: a bulky device takes up a lot of space. Don’t throw it away: you can do useful things around the house from the player.


  • a Flash light
  • 2 Charger
  • 3 Generator
  • 4 Other ideas

Flash light

You can make a small flashlight from a broken laptop drive. Inside the drive is a small motor that controls the laser carriage. 4 wires are soldered to this motor: 2 go to one rectifier, and the next to the other.

Two LEDs are connected to each rectifier. If you push the cart in one direction with your finger, two LEDs will light up. By pushing the carriage to the other side, the following two LEDs will light up.


From the old drive, you can make a small device for charging a cell phone. This will come in handy if the power is cut off in the house or apartment and you urgently need to call somewhere, and the load is turned off. A portable charger will help you in any case.

For the charger you will need:

  • old DVD player;
  • Screwdriver;
  • metal saw;
  • glue gun;
  • metal cover;
  • case of a gel pen;
  • candle;
  • USB plug.

Unscrew the bottom panel of the player. To open the tray, you need to insert a needle into the desired hole. Remove the front panel. Separate the bottom cover from the case, unscrew the fixing screws and remove the tray. Remove all pads. Only the motor and gearbox block should remain.

Saw off the plastic parts from the sides of the gearbox. Use a hot glue gun to glue a metal cap from a beer or lemonade onto a large gear. Glue should be applied to the edges of the lid.

Heat the body of the gel pen on the candle and bend it at a right angle. This fold must be made in the first third of the handle. Glue the bent handle to the main unit cover so that the longer part is horizontal. Then you need to take the USB socket and, observing the polarity, solder to the motor wires. The charger is ready.


To create a generator, you will need:

  • old reader;
  • cutting pliers;
  • soldering iron;
  • plastic body;
  • son;
  • hexagon;
  • washer.

Desolder the board the motor is on. Cut the part of the plastic casing where the motor and gear are held. A handle for generating electricity is derived from it.

Pripyat wires to the motor contacts. Using a hexagon and a handle, make a handle and attach it to each other. Solder the wires to the pins of the USB connectors.

Make a hole in the second half of the plastic case and glue the handle to the rim of the gear. The generator is ready.

Other ideas

Before you throw away an old disc with a working motor or laser, you can try to make such things out of it.

  1. Presentation media. Power is supplied to the motor by a rheostat to slow the rotation. Then you need to put a small round support on the rotating part.
  2. Laser pointer. The diode is removed from the DVD drive. The Chinese pointer serves as the body. In addition, the top and middle contacts of the diode are used. The pointer is powered by AA batteries. It is strictly forbidden to point a pointer in the eyes of people and animals.
  3. Hideout. It is necessary to extract all the “stuffing”, and it is ready.
  4. Crusher. With it you can sharpen drills, small knives. To do this, remove the top cover of the drive, stick the abrasive layer on the CD.
  5. Craftsmen offer to make a fan from an old disc. It needs a six-volt motor, impeller, stand, power supply, or AA batteries.

There are a lot of ideas on how to transform an outdated device. Craftsmen offer to make a cutter, a lens, a plotter from a DVD or CD player. In the end, it can simply be taken apart or given to someone.