Sometimes it becomes necessary to make a hole in the bolt strictly in the central part. As you know, this can be done with a machine, but often it is not at hand. This is not a reason to worry: there are easy and reliable ways to do this filigree job using improvised tools.


  • a Drill with a drill and vice
  • 2 Processing with a drill and pliers
  • 3 Treatment with a drill and bar
  • 4 Bonus: With a nut

Drill with a drill and vice

This is the easiest way: to get a hole you will need a screwdriver or a drill, a vice, drills of the required section. First, it is recommended to place the work being processed vertically and mark the center. To do this, it is clamped in a vice, mark the middle.

Then the hat should be central. Otherwise, you can make a mistake and the work will be wasted. The bolt is clamped in a vise, and a thin drill bit is clamped in a chuck. At first, we advise you to pierce the label a little. Then you need to slow down the drill moment. Holding the drill firmly and making sure the axes of the bolt and the drill are exactly aligned, will make a hole. The drill should be lubricated from time to time so that it does not overheat.

Processing with a drill and pliers

In this case, you can do without markup. There is a small indentation at the bottom of the piece. It is firmly clamped and pierced from the side of the rod.

The clamps should be loosened from time to time. This is necessary for alignment and not to mess up the bolt. The disadvantage of this method is that the pliers can damage the wire. It should also be remembered that the length of the drill should be slightly less than the workpiece.

Treatment with a drill and bar

This method is suitable if you need to drill a part without damage. Place a piece of wood under the machine and make a hole exactly equal to the diameter of the workpiece. After making a hole, gently insert the bolt into it: it will already be centered on the drill.

You can now drill, but the drill bit must be of an appropriate diameter. If the part starts to spin during processing, don’t worry: it is already centered. When the bolt is punched, you need to take it by the head with pliers and continue drilling. At the same time, the bar must remain stationary, this is the main thing for the quality and safety of work.

Bonus: With a nut

The nut must exactly match the diameter of the drill bit. It must be tightened with any tool (while respecting the safety instructions). Using a hammer, drive in the smaller diameter nut securely. You can now screw it onto the bolt and drill a hole in it. It will turn out even with a minimum number of tools used.

It is not difficult to make a hole in bolts, studs without a turn. Performing locksmith work at home, you must strictly observe safety rules. After all, you have to work with small parts, so the slightest oversight or inaccuracy can lead to injury.