In the cold season, residents of apartments and private houses often face the problem of condensation on plastic windows. There can be several reasons for its appearance: from faulty ventilation to errors in the installation of double-glazed windows. The appearance of condensation is a sign that there is a problem and that it must be solved as soon as possible, because it can lead to the formation of mold in the room. There are several options to solve this problem. Here are some of the most effective ways to get rid of condensate.


  • a Popular method of dealing with excess moisture
  • 2 With the help of products from the chemical industry
  • 3 Create a comfortable microclimate in the room
    • 3.1 Room ventilation
    • 3.2 micro-ventilation system
  • 4 Preventative measures

Popular method of dealing with excess moisture

It will be possible to protect the glass from condensation with the help of salt and glycerin. To do this, it is necessary to wash the window well in advance, especially oily stains. Then rinse it with a saline solution in proportion: 4 liters of water and 20 grams of salt. Let dry. Next, mix glycerin with alcohol in a ratio of 1:10. Apply the mixture inside the glass and wipe with a cotton cloth.

With the help of products from the chemical industry

Automotive chemicals also do a good job with condensate. Windshield defoggers will be an alternative to glycerin and salt. They have the following advantages:

  • protect against condensation for a long time;
  • easy to use;
  • have a long shelf life;
  • avoid icing.

Apply an anti-fog agent to the surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth. After the procedure, it remains only to admire the clean glass without streaks.

Another effective method is to wipe down double-glazed windows with window cleaners. The hardware store sells vapor-repellent glass cleaning sprays. For example: Sanita, IVIclean Protect, Ludwik. They form a protective film on the surface, do not leave traces and eliminate obsolete dirt. Simply spray the spray on the glass and wipe it off with a newspaper or rag.

Create a comfortable microclimate in the room

If treatment by various means does not solve the problem of window fogging, other measures should be taken.

Room ventilation

If you notice condensation on the glass, check the ventilation grilles. Perhaps they are clogged and require prolonged cleaning. The arrangement of neighbors from above also does not interfere with the view. During the repairs, they could close the air duct. If no problem is detected, consider installing a forced fan. Eliminating excess moisture will allow you to forget about foggy glasses while you cook or take a bath.

micro-ventilation system

To avoid the formation of condensate, it will turn out with additional devices that are not installed on all windows. To allow fresh air to circulate freely in the room, use:

  1. Comb-limiter. The latch is located in the handle area of ​​the chassis.
  2. climatic valves.
  3. Special arrangements. It allows to create a micro-ventilation with slits. To do this, turn the handle from horizontal to vertical. As a result, a gap of 2-3 mm forms between the frame and the sash.

Preventative measures

Fogging from plastic windows leads to the appearance of mold and the reproduction of pathogens. In addition, finishing materials become unusable. To prevent the consequences:

  • air the room every 1.5 hours;
  • do not place potted plants on the windowsill;
  • do not close the ventilation grilles of the apartment;
  • open the window if you plan to dry clothes on the radiator.

By eliminating the cause of condensation on the glass, you will save your own health and the appearance of the parts.