If you need to solder something, but you don’t have a professional soldering iron at hand, use an improvised tool and assemble the soldering device yourself. This article is about homemade mini-models, which do not require special skills and knowledge in the field of electrical engineering.

From a ballpoint pen

To assemble the model you will need:

  • stationery ballpoint pen in a simple design case;
  • MLT resistor;
  • a piece of textolite;
  • wires for connecting the device;
  • steel wire and fine copper.

Remove the paint from the resistor, remove one of the legs and in its place drill a hole and insert a wire through it. Make a countersink so that the thread does not touch the body. Make a notch on the resistor cup so that you can then form a loop in it.

Prepare the textolite. It must freely enter the body of the pen, and on the other hand, it must have contacts.

Assemble the soldering iron, insert the tip, solder the wires to the contacts and place the textolite plate in the body of the handle.

From a lighter

If there are no resistors at hand, try soldering with an ordinary lighter.

This method is considered the simplest and most affordable. To implement it, you need:

  • work lighter;
  • a piece of thin copper wire;
  • tape or a piece of plaster.

Fold the wire in half and form a stepped bend at the end. Place this structure so that the elbow is located above the burner and the flames fall on the wire. Attach a makeshift sting to the body of the lighter.

The mini soldering iron is ready. Spin the wheel, heat the tip and start soldering. After the copper wire has cooled, heat it again and continue to work.

USB soldering iron

To make a soldering iron with a special connector, you will need:

  • low voltage tip with heating element (you can order it from AliExpress or buy it from a household goods store); instead of a ready-made sting, you can use a homemade fixture made of copper wire;
  • old removable usb socket;
  • soldering iron;
  • welding consumables.

Such a device is assembled in an elementary way. To make it work, all you have to do is disassemble the usb socket, connect the wires from the tip to the usb contacts, and connect the connector itself to a power source.

The mini soldering iron with usb can be upgraded. An individual battery or power bank is selected for it, a switch button is connected, and some craftsmen even make a backlight.

If you don’t want to wait for delivery from AliExpress, use this method:

  1. Take a piece of thin copper wire, bend it into a loop and fix it with a thumbtack to the wooden handle of the future soldering iron.
  2. Cut a piece of thin yarn, wrap it around the second end of the makeshift stitch, leave two loose ends.
  3. Screw the wires to these ends and connect them to the mini switch, and glue its body with superglue to the wooden handle. For greater reliability, it is recommended to solder the joints of the wires.
  4. Prepare a piece of wire that ends in a USB connector. Clean the opposite end.
  5. Screw the wires of the switch to the copper wires of the usb connector, insulate the joints.
  6. To give an aesthetic appearance to the device, cover the handle with electrical tape, hiding the wires under the braid and leaving the switch button accessible.
  7. Insert the USB connector into the power supply. The device is ready for operation.

If you decide to assemble a mini soldering iron yourself, carefully insulate the wires. The better the assembly, the more durable the device will be.