Car headlights can become foggy over time. In addition, they often form scratches and other malfunctions that worsen the brightness and visibility of the road. Replacing light fixtures is often expensive. Fortunately, polishing the headlights will help solve the problem. There are three effective ways to do it yourself, which we will talk about in the article.


  • a WD-40
  • 2 lemon and soda
  • 3 Self-polishing kit
    • 3.1 Polishing with this kit is done as follows:
  • 4 How to keep the headlights clear for a long time?


WD-40 is a unique product with a secret composition. It is used in the maintenance and repair of cars for various works, as well as in everyday life. The composition is ideal for headlights. To polish the lights with this preparation, you will need:

  • wash the car body in a car wash or at the Karcher, carefully cleaning the headlights from dirt;
  • stick on the area near the optics with adhesive tape;
  • apply WD-40 to the headlights;
  • stick a transparent film on the optical devices. This will help prevent new cloudiness and scratches from appearing.

lemon and soda

There is an easy and inexpensive way to restore car optics with baking soda and lemon. These products are sold in every grocery store and can be found in almost every kitchen. To restore their headlights, you must:

  • cut the lemon into slices, removing all the seeds;
  • sprinkle each piece with soda;
  • wipe the headlights with slices of lemon and soda;
  • rinse the optics with water;
  • wipe the lighting equipment with a clean cloth.

The process only takes a few minutes. For polishing you need about half a lemon. Severe haze may require a little more product and time. Like the WD-40 treatment, this method is most effective when there is dirt and minor blemishes. If the headlight is very old or damaged, the method may not bring the expected result.

Self-polishing kit

Today on the Internet and at some car dealerships you can buy special kits for self-polishing headlights. They are inexpensive and include:

  • UV sealant;
  • Scotch;
  • pieces of sandpaper of different grain sizes;
  • abrasive polish;
  • protective wax.

Polishing with this kit is done as follows:

  1. You need to rinse the headlights well and wipe them with a rag. For heavy soiling, it is advisable to use a car shampoo.
  2. Seal the area near the optics with tape.
  3. Take the coarsest grit sandpaper and dampen it with water. Sand the surface with sandpaper, removing scratches and other defects. As the paper dries, moisten it periodically with water.
  4. After removing major damage, continue grinding with less abrasive paper. You must act in the manner indicated above.
  5. After removing visible damage, apply polish to a microfiber cloth and rub it into the surface of the optic.
  6. Remove varnish residue with a damp cloth.
  7. Seal the seams of light elements with mastic.
  8. Apply protective wax to the luminous elements with a cloth.
  9. Remove the tape.

This method is quite effective. Often this helps remove even heavy haze and streaks. For this, you can use not ready-made sets, but separately purchased funds. The method requires polishing and precision skills. Otherwise, you risk damaging the optics or the paintwork of the bodywork.

How to keep the headlights clear for a long time?

The following methods will help to maintain the transparency and perfect condition of the headlights for a long time:

  • anti-rain agent for quick and easy removal of dirt from optics. The composition helps the headlights get less dirty in bad weather;
  • protective films to prevent the appearance of small malfunctions. Cheap stickers won’t save you from major damage. For such protection, only relatively expensive armored films are effective;
  • gently wipe the optic after washing with a soft cloth or towel;
  • careful driving on off-road or poor roads at low speed;
  • regular polishing and cleaning of optics at home;
  • Prompt call for specialists in case of damage to lighting equipment.