3 Ways to Send an Email to a Fax Machine

  1. Send an email to a fax machine using an online fax service or a mobile app
  2. FaxZero: for when you need to fax online quickly
  3. What do we like?
  4. What we don’t like
  5. FaxFile: when you don’t have access to a computer
  6. What do we like?
  7. What we don’t like
  8. eFax: for when you need to send faxes via email
  9. What do we like?
  10. What we don’t like

Send an email to a fax machine using an online fax service or a mobile app

We probably all thought faxing was over, and yet there are times when we are asked to fax an important document. Fortunately, even if you don’t have a fax machine, there are still ways to send a fax today.

While you don’t need your own fax machine to fax a document, you will probably still need a valid email address and a mobile app service or access to an online fax service.

Here are three ways to email or just send an online document to a fax number.

FaxZero: for when you need to fax online quickly

What do we like?

  • The FaxZero website has a simple and user-friendly interface; just fill out the form and go

  • The free fax option is ideal for occasional one-time fax requests

What we don’t like

  • Documents longer than three pages require payment

FaxZero is one of many free online fax services that allow you to send documents and a cover sheet to a fax number by filling out a simple form on their website. Although FaxZero offers free fax services, there are limitations. Free faxing is only available for faxes sent to locations in the United States or Canada, and you can only send five free faxes per day, with each fax containing up to three pages, excluding your cover page.

FaxZero also offers paid fax services: international fax and a premium fax service called Nearly Free Fax. Fax costs for international faxes vary widely depending on the country you are sending the fax to. For example, sending a fax to Iceland costs $1.99 and sending a fax to Burundi costs $25.41, with the same maximum number of pages allowed in a fax of 15. Near-free faxing costs 1.$99 per fax and offers benefits such as a maximum of 25 pages per fax sent and removal of FaxZero branding from the cover.

To get it done quickly, here’s how to send a fax using FaxZero:

  1. Go to the FaxZero website. web address: FaxZero.com † The form you will use to send your fax is on the first page.

  2. In section Sender information fill in the blanks marked for your name email and phone number.

  3. In section Information for recipient fill in the blanks marked for Recipient name and fax number

  4. In section Fax information you can upload files for faxing by selecting one of the options Select file

    Make sure your document is one of the FaxZero approved/supported file types: Microsoft Word files (DOC, DOCX, or RTF), PDF, PNG, or JPG image files, Excel (XLS or XLSX), TXT, TIFF, GIF , PowerPoint (PPT) or HTML.

  5. after you you take Select file, you will be prompted to select a file to download to your computer. Select the desired file and then select Open

  6. After uploading the desired document, you can enter a message for the cover page in the empty text box below the section Select file

  7. Marked for the next empty field confirmation code then enter the empty randomly generated code below this empty field.

  8. Send a completed fax transmission form, select an option Send a free fax now or Fax now $1.99 , depending on your fax machine. necessary.

  9. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email from FaxZero. Receiving this email is very important as it contains a confirmation link that you must click to send the fax.

  10. Once your fax has been sent, another email will be sent to you to let you know if it was successfully delivered.

FaxFile: when you don’t have access to a computer

What do we like?

  • The application has a simple, easy to use and easy to use interface

  • FaxFile lets you add files from Google Drive and iCloud, so you’re not limited to just the files on your phone.

What we don’t like

  • There are no free fax options. You must purchase fax credits in advance

  • Fax credits are non-refundable once the fax has started, even if you cancel the fax

If you don’t have access to a computer, but can access files that need to be faxed through your mobile device, a mobile fax app service may be the best option for you.

FaxFile is a mobile application that allows you to fax documents and images directly from your smartphone or tablet. This application supports sending faxes from PDF and Microsoft Word files (DOC or DOCX), as well as image files (PNG and JPG).

While FaxFile itself is free to download, sending faxes requires in-app purchases (called fax credits). Faxes sent to the US and Canada require the purchase and use of 10 credits per page per recipient. You can buy a pack of 50 credits for $2.49.

FaxFile also offers an international fax service, but you should check their list of fax rates to make sure they will send the fax to your country and how many credits it will cost, as prices vary widely depending on the country you select.

The FaxFile app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

eFax: for when you need to send faxes via email

What do we like?

  • You can send a fax directly from your email account by simply sending an email

  • eFax allows you to fax over 170 supported file formats

What we don’t like

  • There are no free or cheap options for using their fax services.

  • Monthly membership fees are a bit expensive for those who don’t fax that often.

Like FaxZero, eFax is another online fax service. Unlike FaxZero, eFax only offers fax services through paid monthly subscriptions. However, what makes eFax especially great is that once you sign up for a membership, you can send emails to any fax number by simply composing a regular email.

After you set up your eFax account, log in to your email account and create a new message as usual. You’ll still add documents or files as usual, and your front page will match what you type in the email body. Of the three services listed here, eFax allows you to send a wide variety of file formats. When you’re ready to send your fax, simply enter the recipient’s fax number, add the domain “@efaxsend.com” and click send † This is it.

However, the price of an eFax subscription is slightly more expensive, especially if you don’t plan on faxing that often. eFax offers two levels of membership: eFax Plus and eFax Pro. Plus membership requires a $10 startup fee and a $16.95 monthly fee. This plan lets you send 150 pages per month for free, with additional pages costing $0.10 each. The Pro membership costs $19.95 per month and has a $19.95 setup fee. With a Pro plan, you can send 200 pages per month for free.

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