A drill is a power tool that is used not only in many craft businesses, but also at home. In addition to the device itself, there are numerous accessories that make the machine very versatile. In addition to the usual drills, you can also find various nozzles that are rarely used in everyday life. But don’t underestimate them – sometimes it’s easier to buy a few extra accessories than a new device. You will be surprised how many different functions a conventional drill can perform!


  • a jigsaw
  • 2 flexible shaft
  • 3 Angled nozzle
  • four locust


A jigsaw can be a very useful tool on the job. If you do not want to spend money on a separate tool, then a special nozzle in the form of a file for a drill can be an excellent solution. This accessory converts the rotary motion of the drill into translation and allows you to perform simple cuts without using separate devices. On the drill you can find nozzles not only for cutting wood, but also metal. True, a drill saw blade has its own characteristics – it can be difficult to manage and give an uneven cut. Such a nozzle should be used at low power, otherwise the blade can easily become dull or even break. A jigsaw for a drill is useful in cases where it is not possible to use a separate tool and you need to make small cuts.

flexible shaft

The flexible shaft is an accessory that is not included in the standard set of drills and bits. In a simplified form, it is a system of springs enclosed in a plastic rubber tube. This ensures the separation of the drive and the tool, which facilitates the use of the device. Thanks to the light and handy flexible shaft, it is possible to work in hard-to-reach places. This is essential when it comes to sanding chairs, small surfaces or other furniture. With the flexible shaft you can quickly and easily reach inaccessible corners or small edges. The computer industry is a different field: in computers, the built-in elements are not only very small, but also practically inaccessible. Thanks to the flexible shaft, work in the PC case can be carried out without difficulty.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the length of the cable. Hard to reach places can be reached with a flexible shaft, but the cable should be long enough. As a rule, flexible rods are produced in lengths from 50 cm, some – from 150 cm or more. It is also very important to pay attention to drill connectors, permitted sizes and compatibility.

Angled nozzle

Corner attachments are designed for power drills to work at different angles or in places where space is limited. A wide range of drill bits allows users to simply and efficiently use one power tool for all operations. In some ways, the corner nozzle is similar to the flexible shaft, but differs in price and some functions. Not all shafts can run at an angle of 90 degrees or less. In addition, the angled nozzle allows the use of screwdrivers. Replacing a drill with a screwdriver bit is no longer a tedious task. There is no need to loosen and tighten the cartridge repeatedly.


A nibbler or cricket is a tool for cutting sheet metal with minimal distortion. You can use it to cut straight lines, curved lines and circles in sheet material. Effective on corrugated materials, sheet metal, plastic, stainless steel, fiberglass and copper. Do not crease the edges of the cut, while not leaving them too sharp. Nozzles can have different optimum cutting depths, which must be selected depending on the material. Sheet steel and iron are usually 1.8mm thick, while aluminum and fiberglass are 2mm thick.

The minimum the nibbler should cut is 1.2mm for stainless steel sheets. A cricket for a drill allows you to make cuts in sheet metal without using additional devices. You don’t have to buy electric metal shears to make a few cuts. Even an ordinary drill can cope with this task.

The article describes the most rarely used drills, which greatly facilitate the work with various materials. Now you know that before you decide to buy a new tool, you should pay attention to a drill, it can help this time too!