4 Search Tools to Find Email Addresses

  1. You can find almost any email address with these tools.
  2. Why email is more important to someone than social media contact
  3. Use Hunter to find email addresses by domain
  4. What do we like?
  5. What we don’t like
  6. Use Voila Norbert to search email addresses by name and domain
  7. What do we like?
  8. What we don’t like
  9. Use Anymail Finder to find email addresses by name and domain
  10. What do we like?
  11. What we don’t like
  12. Using Rapportive to find active email addresses
  13. What do we like?
  14. What we don’t like

You can find almost any email address with these tools.

You can easily find someone’s website, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile and many other social profiles, but their email address? Good luck with that!

People protect their email addresses for good reason, and even if you try to search for email addresses by finding someone’s full name with the word “email” in it, you’re unlikely to find anything. By making information public on the Internet, anyone can contact them, even spammers.

But is email still relevant in the age of social media? Should we just give up trying to find people’s email addresses and resort to Facebook and Twitter Direct Messages instead?

There is no. At least for now.

Why email is more important to someone than social media contact

Email is the most personal way to get in touch with someone. It is only intended for one purpose – for direct contact with someone. Sure, social platforms offer private messaging features, but in the end, they’re primarily designed for public sharing.

Email is the most professional way to get in touch with anyone. If you are a professional looking to share an idea with another professional, you are more likely to get a serious email conversation. People do business through email, not through private chats on Facebook or Twitter.

People pay more attention to their mailbox. Not everyone checks their posts on Facebook or DM. Even if they use these platforms, they are usually more concerned with browsing and interacting on them. Email, on the other hand, aims to receive personal messages that people know they want and need (such as job interviews or newsletter sign-ups), so they’re more likely to check their inboxes regularly.

Everything have an email address. Email is what makes personalization possible online. You cannot register an account on any site without an email address. Facebook may be the largest social network in the world, but that doesn’t mean everyone uses it. Whether you like using email or not, it is an indispensable part of online interaction.

Now that you’re probably confident that email is still the best way to contact someone (especially for professional business), let’s take a look at three of the very best tools that let you know someone’s email address in just seconds. can find. ,

Use Hunter to find email addresses by domain

What do we like?

  • You don’t need to know the person’s name.

  • Works in seconds.

  • Shows the sources where the email address was found.

  • This allows you to preview the results before opening them.

What we don’t like

  • Free users are limited per month.

  • The results cannot be exported to a file unless you pay.

  • Can’t find address by name.

Hunter is probably the most useful tool to use when looking for someone’s company email address.

It works by asking you for the company’s domain name in a certain field and then displaying all email search results based on sources from all over the internet. Depending on the results, the tool may even suggest a pattern such as: {first}@companydomain.com if it finds anything.

Once you’ve found an email address from the results you’d like to try emailing, you can look at the icons next to the address to see the Hunter Trust Score assigned to it and the ability to verify. When you click to confirm, you will be told whether the address is deliverable or not.

You may perform up to 100 free searches each month, submit bulk searches by email, and validate and export the results to a CSV file. Premium plans are available for higher monthly request limits.

Be sure to check out the Hunter Chrome extension, which can give you a quick list of email addresses when browsing a company’s website. No need to open a new tab and search for Hunter.io. It even adds a Hunter button to LinkedIn users’ profiles to help you find their email addresses.

Advantages of Email Hunter . Fast, easy to use and easy to find company specific email addresses. The Chrome extension makes it even faster!

Disadvantages of working with email: limited free use and not useful at all for looking up personal email addresses from free providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and others.

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Use Voila Norbert to search email addresses by name and domain

What do we like?

  • Results can be limited by name.

  • Includes the ability to email a person.

  • The list of addresses can be saved in a file.

What we don’t like

  • You need to create a user account to get started.

  • Each search must contain a username and domain.

  • The number of free users is limited.

Voila Norbert is another email address finder that is free to register and very easy to use.

In addition to the domain name field, you will also be given the option to enter the first and last name of the person you are contacting. Based on the information you provide, Norbert will look for relevant email addresses and let you know what it can find.

This tool works best with corporate domains because there are so many users who have corporate email addresses. Surprisingly, it even works with free email providers like Gmail. Please note that if you choose to search for first and last names in the Gmail.com domain, the results Norbert gives you may not match the specific person you are trying to contact, especially since Gmail has such a has huge user base and there must be multiple users with the same name.

Like Hunter, Voila Norbert allows you to search for email addresses manually or in bulk. It also has a handy Contacts tab for organizing email contacts and a Verification tab for address verification. You can even integrate the app with other popular business services like HubPost, SalesForce, Zapier, and more.

The main drawback of this tool is that you can only submit 50 free requests before being asked to pay, either with a pay-as-you-go subscription of $0.10 per lead or a monthly subscription for additional requests.

Benefits of Voil Norbert . Very easy to use and great for finding email addresses based on full names and specific business domains. There is an added bonus that also works for free providers like Gmail.

Voila Norbert Cons: the service is limited to just 50 free searches, and if you’re looking for the address of a free provider like Gmail, there’s no guarantee that the email found is from the right person.

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Use Anymail Finder to find email addresses by name and domain

What do we like?

  • You can find emails in bulk.

  • Easy to use.

  • The results can be saved to a file.

What we don’t like

  • Non-paid members are strictly limited.

  • Both first and last names are required.

Anymail Finder has a few subtle differences from the above options that make it worth mentioning here.

You can enter any name and domain to search for an email address directly on the homepage before signing up. The tool is fast and will give you three verified email addresses below the search fields if you find it.

The main drawback of Anymail is that it is very limited in use for free users: you only have to make 20 free requests before being asked to buy more. This tool allows users to purchase a certain number of email requests instead of using a monthly subscription model.

The other major drawback is that Anymail Finder doesn’t seem to work with free email providers like Gmail. If you try to search for it, it will hang in search mode for a long time before the message “Couldn’t find this email”.

If you choose to sign up for a free trial of 20 email searches, you can search emails manually or in bulk. Anymail Finder also has a Chrome extension with some pretty good reviews.

Benefits of Anymail Finder : Quick and easy to use email search by name and domain.

Disadvantages of Anymail Finder: very limited use for free users and it only works with company specific domains.

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Using Rapportive to find active email addresses

What do we like?

  • Works seamlessly with Gmail.

  • Easy to install.

What we don’t like

  • Often doesn’t work or loads very slowly.

  • Only works in Chrome.

Rapportive is a handy little email tool from LinkedIn that works with Gmail. It is only in the form of a Google Chrome extension.

Once installed, you can create a new email in Gmail by entering an email address in the field To who . Active email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles display profile information on the right.

Rapportive doesn’t give you suggested email addresses like the aforementioned tools; it’s up to you to find out. For example, you can use one of the previously mentioned tools to determine email addresses, or you can guess them yourself by entering examples in the field To who Gmail, for example [email protected] , [email protected] or even more general addresses like [email protected] and [email protected] to see what kind of information appears in the right column.

The great thing about Rapportive is that it can give you some advice about email addresses that aren’t exactly tied to social data. For instance, [email protected] may not be used for a specific person’s LinkedIn profile, but if you enter it in the field To who a new Gmail message may display a message in the right column confirming that it is a role-based email address.

If you enter an email address that does not display information in the right column, it is likely an invalid email address.

Useful benefits . It’s helpful to know that the person you’re trying to reach is already on LinkedIn and can be used in addition to some of the tools mentioned earlier.

Disadvantages of understanding: a lot of guesswork and this only works with Gmail.

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