The guarantee of high-quality tile laying is the presence of a convenient tool. With its help, the work will be done as quickly and easily as possible. The procedure for laying tiles requires that the master has a minimum set of tools, which includes a mixer, a tile cutter, a grinder and wire cutters.


  • a Mixer
  • 2 tile cutter
  • 3 Bulgarian
  • 4 cutting pliers


For those who carry out tiling work in a one-time format, it is recommended to use a simple perforator equipped with a whip nozzle. If the procedure for laying tiles is carried out at a professional level, then you cannot do without the appropriate equipment.

The specialized mixer is equipped with a large mixer that can withstand maximum loads.

When choosing a device, it is recommended to give preference to domestic manufacturers: high quality, affordable prices and ease of use are the main advantages of such mixers.

tile cutter

A tile cutter is another tool that you cannot do without when laying tiles. The material is presented in two categories:

  • amateur models. They are used to cut slabs with a width of up to 40 cm. When cutting thicker tiles, the structure bends and may become unusable. It is necessary to pay attention to the large play of the cutting wheel: cutting two identical tiles will not work.
  • Professional devices. Expensive equipment is a necessity for those laying tiles on a continuous basis. Models produced in Austria and Italy are considered in demand in the market.

When choosing a tile cutter, it is important to pay attention to the cutting wheel; The service life of this element is about 800 square meters of material. This resource is sufficient for one year of the master’s work; after the period of operation, the grinding wheel can only be used to cut soft tiles.


In addition to a tile cutter and a mixer, there is a grinder. Expensive equipment, which is also suitable for cutting tiles and tiles of various types. Professional experts recommend choosing models with narrow, comfortable handles and an optimal level of power.

Additionally, the grinder will also need to purchase diamond coated circles. As a rule, stores offer a wide selection of circles for various purposes: those designed for working with tiles and tiles are distinguished by the absence of holes on the surface and notches on the cutting part.

Tile cutting discs are smooth and strong, which minimizes the number of chips during the cutting process.

cutting pliers

Pliers are an auxiliary tool that a tiler cannot do without in the process of laying the coating. Their use is necessary if the master cannot break the tile at the place of the cut; such situations most often occur when cutting floor tiles or if the cutting wheel has become unusable.

Tile cutters are divided into two types: powerful products with winning overlays and parrot cutters, with which you can correct a poorly cut hole.

When cutting and laying tiles, it is important to follow safety instructions. To do this, you will need to purchase goggles, a respirator and gloves. The use of protective equipment will prevent dust, chips and small ceramic particles from entering the body of the master. In addition, the use of safety glasses reduces the risk of damage to the organs of vision during the tile cutting process.