It turns out that Coca-Cola can not only be drunk, but also used for various household purposes. Car owners will be interested to know how this soda can be used to improve the performance and appearance of the car.


  • a Clean chrome parts
  • 2 Cleaning the battery terminals
  • 3 Restoration of tire appearance
  • four Unscrew stuck and rusty bolts

Clean chrome parts

With this simple trick, you can quickly clean chrome car parts. They will be like new. To do this, you need a little aluminum foil and about a liter of soda. A sheet of aluminum foil should be crushed and dipped in a drink, then the chrome parts should be cleaned well. All dirt, reagent stratification, rust stains will be quickly removed. The car will have a nice chic look. Coca-Cola stays on the cleaned surface for a long time, so the result is kept for a long time.

Cleaning the battery terminals

The famous carbonated drink is ideal for cleaning oxidized battery terminals. If traces of oxidation appear on these parts, it is not necessary to wait until they completely cease to perform their functions. Just wash down the terminals with a drink. To make this more convenient, a syringe is used. You have to wait a while until the soda starts reacting with the oxides (it usually takes about two hours). After that, it remains only to wipe off the remaining liquid and wait until the terminals are completely dry. This procedure will make it easier to start the car.

Restoration of tire appearance

This method was popular in the 80s. in the United States. At that time, there were no sprays, chemical compounds to recreate the old look of car rubber. But this service was in great demand. Most car washes today offer tire blacking services, and they look as good as fresh from the factory. But why pay extra when you can restore the tires well at home and they will be like new? That’s what Coca-Cola is for. It is necessary to thoroughly wash each tire and clean it from dirt, let it dry. Then wipe the tires with a cloth soaked in plenty of Coca-Cola. You can also cut soda on the surface to be treated. Then wait again for the tires to dry. For even better results, it is recommended to repeat the cleaning procedure. Most car owners say that they have completely stopped using the services of car dealerships, and blackening car tires is done at home.

Unscrew stuck and rusty bolts

Coca-Cola will help unscrew the apparently stuck bolts. If the parts are loose, just lower the bolt or nut into the soda container. And if you urgently need to separate the glued parts, for this use a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola. Wrap a cloth around the fixed connection and leave it there for about 15 minutes. If there is no mismatch, the procedure should be repeated until the bolts and nuts are clean. The effect can be much better than after using various automotive chemicals.

Coca-Cola’s scope of action in the automotive sector is far from exhausted. Motorists clean the windshield with this soda, remove various technical contaminants in the cabin and clean surfaces from oil stains. At the same time, the drink does not spoil the car and does not react with plastic, metal.