A large number of a wide variety of programs have been developed that can significantly facilitate and simplify the daily work of electricians. Thanks to special software (software), it is possible in a short time to draw up detailed and well-designed wiring diagrams for apartments, houses, industrial premises, as well as to calculate the required amount of materials, indicating from the parameters that need to be purchased for the installation of electrical networks.

Often, special programs designed specifically for electricians are used in cases where you need to do the work of designing a shield, drawing electronic circuit boards, etc.


  • a “Electrician” program
  • 2 Diagram 1-2-3
  • 3 KiCadName
  • 4 XCircuit
  • five Dia diagram editor

“Electrician” program

The electrician is a functional and practical application in everyday life. Thanks to its use, the user can carry out work on:

  • calculation of the quantity of cable necessary for the installation of the electrical network;
  • calculation of short-circuit points;
  • ground loop calculation;
  • determination of power indicators of electrical appliances, taking into account the current value.

In addition, this application allows the user to quickly calculate the amount of current consumed by single-phase or three-phase consumers. In addition, this software can greatly facilitate the work of an electrician in the event that it becomes necessary to calculate short-circuit currents.

The shell of this software looks like a simple electronic calculator, so it is easy to use and learn. However, it should be noted that due to the oversimplified interface, some users do not always trust the results of calculations made using this program. The advantages of a program called electrician, in addition to a simplified interface, include few resources, the technical characteristics of a computer (computer) on which it will be installed.

Diagram 1-2-3

It is a free software that allows the user to build electrical panel diagrams. The advantages of this software include the fact that it is equipped with a large library of various automatic machines, as well as relay protections of various subspecies. In addition, when using this program, the user has the option of printing stickers that are used to mark various elements on electrical panels.


This software was written using the C++ language. This application allows you to quickly draw electronic circuits, as well as plot a variety of electronic boards. It should be noted that this application includes the following utilities (components):

  1. Project Manager. Allows the user to directly define and select the parameters necessary for the project he is creating.
  2. Sketch. Is the editor created, used electrical circuits. Allows you to modify a variety of components, as well as layout circuits that have varying degrees of complexity.
  3. pcbnew. He is a PCB editor.

Moreover, this program is equipped with a wide range of various libraries and has advanced features. Thanks to this, the user can easily create even complex projects in a short time. The disadvantages of this application include its complex interface, which is not always easy to use.


This application is more like a resource and a drafting tool than a specialized software designed specifically for electricians. Moreover, the user will need a short period of time to master this software and acquire skills to use it. Thanks to the use of this program, it is possible to separately create a schematic representation of various elements.

In addition, this software allows you to perform a circuit simulation directly on the entered parameter. One of the advantages of this program is that it supports multi-window mode and allows you to set marks for different tables.

Dia diagram editor

This application is suitable in cases where the user needs to make a quick sketch, draw a simple diagram, form a block diagram, create an image of an electronic element. It should be noted that all data created in this application can be transferred to Postscript. Moreover, this program allows you not only to download, but also to save data in XML format. Above all, this software is suitable for drawing, developing various electrical circuit diagrams.