Apple Corporation is famous for its successful projects: the famous wireless headphones, smartphones and laptops. However, in the past, not all technical innovations of the company were so popular. We invite you to look back and remember some of the experiences and mistakes that fell short of expectations. However, without them, the company would not have been so successful.


  • a Apple III
  • 2 Apple G4 Cube
  • 3 Apple USB Mouse
  • 4 Apple Macintosh Portable
  • five Powerbook 5300

Apple III

Early in its journey, Apple was one of the first in the world to attempt to release a quiet personal computer. In 1980, the company had already released the third generation, which completely failed in sales. The reasons were poor build quality, attempts to promote their own operating system without most of the necessary programs, and a small number of expansion slots. Also, all fans were removed from Apple III computers, due to which they quickly overheated, the text on the screen was distorted, and the microcircuits melted. As a result, production was discontinued in 1985.

Apple G4 Cube


Jobs’ experiments with computers continued. So, in 2000, a new Apple G4 Cube device came out of the Macintosh line. This is a stylish small central unit for personal use, to which it was necessary to connect a monitor and other peripherals.

Cube received a lot of good reviews at first, but problems arose immediately after sales began. Users have complained about the high cost relative to the power of the gadget, limited customization, and bugs. During all this time, only 150,000 units were sold. This device was one of the few failures of the company during the reign of Steve Jobs. After a small success of the company, this project brought it closer to the edge of bankruptcy.

Apple USB Mouse

In 1998, Apple’s first mouse was released with a USB connection rather than its own connector. It was standard on all company personal computers for the next two years. Its main drawbacks were its unusual shape and short cable, which made it difficult to connect it properly under the table. As expected by the manufacturers, the mouse should be inserted into a hub of Apple keyboards. Also, the developers did not think about using a mouse with laptops, because at the same time the USB connectors in laptops moved to the left edge. The rest of the specs were pretty ordinary: a single button at the top, a see-through design, and a cable sticking out from the front. The main difference between Apple’s mouse was the round shape, which caused users a lot of inconvenience. Due to its small size and tendency to spin during use, the gadget did not become popular and failed in sales.

Apple Macintosh Portable

Macintosh Portable is the first portable computer with a battery inside. It was produced from September 1989 to October 1991 and received critical interest. Despite the uniqueness of the device, it also failed in sales due to its main feature – the battery.

Apple installed lead acid batteries that failed when fully discharged. The laptop always needed a charged battery to work, even when connected to the network. As a result, after a full discharge, the device does not turn on even from the outlet. Users also noted a dark image, no backlight on the screen, inconvenience in use and a weight of 7 kg.

Powerbook 5300

The Powerbook 5300 was Apple’s first laptop to use the PowerPC processor. However, it also failed in sales for several reasons. Despite the fact that the device had progressed from previous computers, it had many problems and design flaws. Users have reported issues with cracked casings, overheating batteries, poor quality cables leading to vertical stripes on the screen or complete shutdown.