Google employees are constantly developing various useful applications, the existence of which ordinary users often do not even suspect. An article with information on the “five” most exciting and useful services of this American monopoly company will help to eliminate this gap, at least partially.


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On April 25, 1990, the Hubble Automated Observatory began work in near-Earth orbit. Well, on August 27, 2017, Google developers launched an application on the Internet with which ordinary users can observe the space environment around our planet through this telescope and NASA satellites in real time, simultaneously studying the starry sky and communicating with other astronomy enthusiasts.

This service began its work on February 1, 2011 to introduce users to images of works of art in high resolution. Initially, only 17 museums participated in this project. However, to date, visitors to this online application can take virtual tours of the halls of 184 museums, whose collections include more than 35,000 various historical artifacts and art paintings.

By the way, this fascinating and very useful service might not have seen the light of day if Googlt had not had the “20% rule” at the time, according to which the developers of this company had the possibility to devote up to 20% of their working time to third-party projects.

In November 2004, a free search engine appeared on the World Wide Web, specializing in full versions of various scientific publications. Currently, this search index helps users find links to all scientific texts that can be placed not only in accessible online libraries, but also on paid services. Therefore, you will have to pay for some of this information.

Thus, Google Scholar is a shareware analogous to the Scopus and Web of Science sites, which allow users to access scientific articles from peer-reviewed European and American journals only after a paid subscription.

All information on the Internet is displayed on websites. Therefore, it would be surprising if Google employees didn’t develop their own free website builder. True, this resource is of little use in solving trading problems due to the complete lack of tools for trading. But Google Sites allows users to implement personal and educational projects in a very short time.

If you want to see the Earth from a bird’s eye view, just visit another Google service. After all, by going to this web resource, the user gets access to the virtual globe of our planet, as well as the ability to see every corner in detail with the help of high-resolution images created from aerial photographs. and photographs from space.

We hope this little exploration of obscure Google services inspires readers of this article to further explore this fascinating and educational topic.