People tend to make life easier, to save time. After monotonous (sometimes hard), but necessary work, comes fatigue. For example, on the road you need to urgently change wheels, lifting the car. Behind the wheel at the moment only a physically weak driver (perhaps a woman). The summer resident decided to build a house, a chain-link fence, and do electrical wiring on his own. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to buy the necessary tools. After reading the article, there will be a desire to replace inventory, fixtures with one – a screwdriver.


  • a Drive for extruding sealant from the tube
  • 2 Torsion wires, coil springs
  • 3 jack electrification
  • 4 Reinforcement knit
  • five Surface grinding

Drive for extruding sealant from the tube

Buying a mechanical gun is inconvenient. It’s easier to make it yourself. The screwdriver works like an electric drive.


  • mounting gun (old, cheap);
  • hairpin (M8);


  • jigsaw (or grinder);
  • drill for the thread (the size is equal to the gun hole);


  1. Disassemble the gun.
  2. Remove the rivets, cut off the excess parts, leaving the body.
  3. In the holes where the pin will pass, make a thread to adapt to the size (M8).
  4. Cut 32 cm nails.
  5. In the center, in the hole made, make a thread.
  6. Install the pin in the gun.
  7. Secure the washer with the screw.
  8. Firmly tighten the stud with the chuck of the screwdriver.
  9. Perform a verification test.

The device will help not to strain your hands for a long time.

Torsion wires, coil springs

A self-made nozzle will allow you to twist the wires with a screwdriver. The method will help you in everyday life. Electricians use when installing wiring. Sold in store. It is easy to do it yourself if necessary.

Would need:

  • M8 nut, bolt (length 5 cm);
  • metal washer;


  1. Mark washer hole locations (divide diameter by 4, determine locations along edges).
  2. Drill holes for threading the wires to create a margin for the diameter.
  3. Put a washer on the bolt, screw on the nut, tighten. Sometimes a lock washer, lock nut is used.
  4. Check reliability.

With the device it will be possible to twist 2-4 wires at the same time. 2-3 washers available will allow replacement, depending on the number of wires.

The nozzle is suitable for installing mesh mesh to twist soft wire.

When winding a spring on a mandrel of a suitable diameter, a soft wire is needed. In the homemade version, hardening is done at the stake. The wire is red hot. Exit. Leave until completely cooled. The flan for spring is ready.

Winding is simplified when working with a screwdriver. It remains to control the density of the turns.

jack electrification

Lifting the machine with a screwdriver is possible for owners of a screw jack (rhombic type). Save time when changing tires.

  1. A key suitable for a screwdriver is placed in the “ear” of the screw jack. The key is easy to make.
  2. At the jack, where a standard socket wrench is applicable, a bit goes into the cartridge, a head is sized for this.

Enough power to lift a car.

Reinforcement knit

On an industrial scale, the reinforcement is knitted with a special gun. Buying expensive equipment for one-time use is pointless. In everyday life, a homemade hook is used.

For technology with a screwdriver, a hook consists of a nail, a welding electrode and a thick wire. Insert into cartridge, tighten. The device is ready.

Surface grinding

The problem is solved with the help of nozzles fixed in a screwdriver. Devices are used in construction, woodworking.

Nozzle type:

  • disk;
  • fan;
  • to drum;
  • plate;
  • soft;
  • to finish.

The nozzle is selected according to the type of materials processed. The required speed of rotation is determined in each specific case.

Screwdriver Requirements:

  • adjustable speed;
  • Battery Type;
  • charge the battery before working.

Monotonous work irritates, tires, steals time. Around objects, using in an unusual way, problems are solved. The main thing is to apply a non-standard approach to the unique possibilities of a thing.