9 Hidden Google Hangouts Easter Eggs

  1. Make your chat a bit more fun with these tricks
  2. herds of small ponies
  3. shy dinosaur
  4. Send Angry Mob complete with torches and pitchforks
  5. add some color
  6. Konami code
  7. Be creative with your text
  8. Your chat needs more corgis
  9. roll for it
  10. …You
  11. Classic/Removed Easter Eggs

Make your chat a bit more fun with these tricks

Google hides more than their fair share of Easter eggs in their software. Whether it’s Google Maps or the search engine itself, you can always find a few. Parties are no different. If you know what to enter, you can get some interesting additions to your chat. Better yet, the people you hang out with can see most of them too.

herds of small ponies

Looks like someone at Google is a My Little Pony fan. Chat input /ponies in a Hangouts chat causes the animated pony to move across the bottom of the window in the style of a popular cartoon. They even include different ponies, so if you enter the command multiple times, you can see a different one each time.

Then, as if one pony might not be enough, you can call /ponystream to see their whole flock. Immediately after you enter the command, the ponies will rain down in a continuous stream from both sides of the screen, and they won’t stop until you enter the command a second time.

shy dinosaur

It’s a bit strange. Input /shydino in your chat a tiny house will appear at the bottom of the window. Then a little dinosaur-like thing will slide out of the side of the chat window and hide behind it. Dino will stay there until you re-enter the command.

Did the person you’re communicating with say anything particularly shocking or upsetting? So get the team /pitchforks to see how much you disagree. An animated, angry mob with torches and pitchforks will emerge from the window and disperse as if advised that Frankenstein’s monster has just been spotted on the other side.

add some color

Tired of the boring, off-white chat window? Enter /bicycle storage to randomly change the background color of the window. Enter the command as many times as you want to receive new ones. It also changes the background of the people you talk to so you can really confuse someone who knows nothing about it.

Konami code

If you were a gamer in the 90s, you know exactly what it is. The Konami Code was a popular button combination that unlocked an unlimited number of hidden items in games made by Konami. In the years since Konami code became a popular Easter egg addition among programmers, including Google

Enter the Konami code in Hangouts using the arrow keys on your keyboard, then press Enter to change chat window background to beautiful landscape scene. If you’re not familiar or don’t remember, the Konami code is:

 Вверх Вниз Вниз Вниз Левый Правый Левый Правый B A 

Be creative with your text

Prior to today’s fully illustrated emoji, there were simple ASCII emojis, for example 🙂 They’ve certainly gotten more complex over the years, with well-known examples like shrugs and table flipping. Google clearly recognized the obvious value of not having to type or copy and paste every time, so many of them were included as commands. In a few they even use graphic emoticons. It will take too long to go through them all individually, so try them out and enjoy.





/good luck





/flower ray


tourist Office

Your chat needs more corgis

Corgis are awesome and they do pretty well on Google Hangouts. Enter /corgis to have the animated corgi walk around at the bottom of the screen. The person you’re chatting with will also see your little canine friend, so this method is a nice (literally) surprise.

roll for it

Would it surprise you that some programmers at Google are idiots who love Dungeons & Dragons? Yes, probably not. Thanks to them, you can roll twenty dice in Hangouts chat. In fact, you can roll just about any type or combination of dice.

Start with a regular hex. Enter /roll to chat. A message appears for both you and the people you communicate with, informing everyone that you switched and what the result was.

You can also be more creative with this. Use /roll3d6 to simulate the rolling of three six-sided dice. As before, you will see the result in the chat.

Go ahead and try to roll twenty one with /roll1d20 † This will work as you would expect. At some point it gets a little weird. It seems that Google hasn’t really limited the real or even physically possible types of dice. try to roll /roll1d3 † It still works.


This may not be very helpful if you are only talking to one person, unless you like to refer to yourself in the third person. Enter /me to chat to display your name in the chat. When talking to a group, it’s easy to lose track of who’s saying what, using /me can help people understand at a glance when you speak.

Classic/Removed Easter Eggs

For some reason, it seems that Google has removed a few classic Easter eggs from the latest Hangouts builds. These were all small animations that played when two exclamation marks were added to the end of certain text. They were nice, but it’s pretty easy to see how some people can abuse them, creating a very annoying situation. This probably prompted Google to remove them. Hopefully, however, the ability to use them will return.

Enter one of Congratulations !! Happy New Year !! Happy Easter !! or LMAO!! will include a short animation that accompanies the event. Most animated movies feature cartoon animals wearing horns and dropping confetti.

Using Google Hangouts can make it easier to communicate with friends and colleagues. Use some of these tips to take those conversations to the next level.

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