9 Popular Gmail Tools That Solve Email Problems

  1. Manage your Gmail account faster and more efficiently with these tools
  2. Gmail Inbox
  3. Boomerang for Gmail
  4. unroll.me
  5. SaneBox
  6. LeadCooker
  7. Sort for Gmail
  8. Giphy for Gmail
  9. ugly email
  10. SignEasy for Gmail

Manage your Gmail account faster and more efficiently with these tools

As popular and easy to use as an email platform like Gmail is, working and managing email every day can be a daunting and daunting task. Using the extra email management tools that work with Gmail may not make you love email, but it will certainly take some of the headaches away by giving you back some of your precious time and energy. .

Whether you use Gmail for personal or professional purposes, on the web or on a mobile device, all of the tools below can be very useful to you. See which ones grab your attention.

Gmail Inbox

Gmail Inbox is usually required if you regularly check your messages from your mobile device. Google has taken all the innovations in how users use Gmail and developed a completely new, intuitive, visual email platform that makes emailing easier and faster.

Group incoming emails into batches for better organization, view highlights with card images, set reminders for tasks due later, and “snooze” emails so you can deal with them tomorrow, next week, or anytime.

Boomerang for Gmail

Ever wish you could write an email now, but send it later? Instead of doing just that – leaving it as a draft and then trying to remember to send it at a specific time – just use Boomerang. Free users can schedule up to 10 emails per month (and more if you post about Boomerang on social media).

When you write a new email in Gmail with Boomerang installed, you can click the new Send Later button that appears next to the normal Send button so you can quickly select the time to send (tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, etc.) .) ) or the ability to set the exact date and time of transmission.


Are you subscribing to too many email newsletters? Not only does Unroll.me allow you to unsubscribe en masse, but you can also create your own “aggregated” newsletter list, which gives you a daily overview of all the newsletter subscriptions you actually want to keep.

Unroll.me also has a great iOS app that you can use to manage all your email subscriptions when you’re on the go. If there’s a specific subscription you want to keep in your inbox, send it to the ‘save’ section so Unroll.me doesn’t touch it.


Like Unroll.me, SaneBox is another Gmail tool that can help automate the organization of incoming messages. Instead of creating filters and folders yourself, SaneBox analyzes all your messages and activities to understand which emails are important to you before moving all unimportant emails to a new folder called “SaneLater”.

You can also move unimportant messages that still appear in your inbox to the SaneLater folder, and if something that ends up in the SaneLater folder becomes important again, you can move it away from there. Even though SaneLater takes manual work out of the organization, you still have full control over which messages should be posted somewhere.


When it comes to online marketing, there is no doubt that email still has a huge impact. Many email marketers send messages to hundreds or thousands of email addresses at once with the click of a button using third-party email marketing platforms such as MailChimp or Aweber. The downside to this is that it is not very personal and can easily become spam.

LeadCooker can help you strike a balance between emailing lots of people and more face-to-face communication. You still get many of the features of traditional email marketing platforms, such as auto-follow and follow, but recipients won’t see an unsubscribe link, and your messages will come straight from your Gmail address. Subscriptions start at $1 per 100 emails with LeadCooker.

Sort for Gmail

Sortd is a great tool that completely transforms the look of your Gmail account into something that looks like a to-do list. With a user interface as simple and intuitive as Gmail, Sortd’s goal is to provide those who struggle to stay on top of email a better way to stay organized.

Sortd is the first “smart wrapper” for Gmail that divides incoming messages into four main columns with options to customize them to your liking. There are also apps available for both iOS and Android. Since it’s currently in beta, the tool is completely free for now, so try it while you can before setting prices!

Giphy for Gmail

Giphy is a popular search engine for GIFs. While you can certainly go directly to Giphy.com to find a GIF to embed in a new Gmail message, a much easier and more convenient way to do it is to install the Giphy for Gmail Chrome extension.

If you like using GIFs in Gmail, this is a must to help you save more time and compose your messages more efficiently. Reviews of this extension are generally quite good, although some reviewers have expressed concerns about bugs. The Giphy team seems to update the extension very often, so if it doesn’t work for you right away, try again when a new version comes out.

ugly email

More email senders are now using tracking tools so they can find out more about you even if you don’t even know it. Usually they can see when you open their emails, if you click on links, where you open/click and what device you are using. If you really value your privacy, consider using Ugly Email to help you easily identify which Gmail messages you receive are being tracked.

Ugly Email, a Chrome extension, simply puts a little “evil eye” icon in front of the subject line of every email it checks. When you see this little evil eye, you can decide whether to open it, delete it, or maybe create a filter for future emails from this sender.

SignEasy for Gmail

Receiving documents as Gmail attachments that need to be completed and signed can be very difficult to work with. SignEasy simplifies the whole process by allowing you to easily fill out forms and sign documents without leaving your Gmail account.

The SignEasy option appears when you click to view the attachment in your browser. After completing the required fields, the updated document will be added to the same email thread.

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