With the onset of cool weather, uninvited guests appeared in the house? Mice and rats carry infections, can gnaw through the walls of the house, and also simply frighten with their presence. Getting rid of rodents is not easy, because they are able to detect poisons, ignore them, not fall into an ordinary mousetrap. But there is a way out – the use of innovative traps with Aliexpress. Consider the most popular of them in more detail.


Universal electronic mousetrap made in China. Widely applied: USA, EU countries. The principle of operation of the device is to provide an electrical signal sufficient for the rapid death of a rodent.

The device consists of an electronic unit, in which, when a parasite appears, an electronic discharge is triggered, powered by 4 batteries (not included).

The repellent will cope with the following types of rodents:

  • mouse;
  • rats;
  • squirrels, etc.

The mousetrap is easy to clean and does not take up much space. There is a warning: it is forbidden to operate children, there is a possibility of electric shock; It is not recommended to use the device near combustible materials and damp places.

Buyers rated this product with an average of 5 stars, if you read the reviews, its high efficiency is noted. Using an electronic repeller, there is no need to spend money on rather expensive poisons.

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One shot kill

The name of this trap (made by China) translates to kill with one shot. The name fully describes the principle of operation of the device:

  • works in conjunction with a special bait, it is non-toxic, but it contains hormonal substances that make the rodent crawl inside a special connector;
  • when a mouse is detected in the trap, an automatic sensor triggers the shock plate;
  • with a strong blow, the rodent instantly dies and is thrown to the ground;
  • after that, the device is again ready to receive a new visitor.

For a day, a mousetrap is able to destroy all pests in the house. That’s why 75% of buyers rated the product with the highest score.

An additional advantage is that the repellent does not need a power supply. Just install it securely in a safe place.

To note. The kit does not include a cylinder with a bait. They will need to be purchased separately.

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A distinctive feature of this product is that it does not kill mice and rats, but keeps them away from the house and the local area.

The principle of operation of the device is based on microelectronic technology that reproduces the lowest frequency sounds that act as a powerful irritant for rodents. The distribution area of ​​​​their action is 200 m2.

The repellent is completely safe for people and pets, you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your beloved dog.

The device is powered from the mains, so for its operation you will need an international standard socket or a special adapter. It is possible to adjust the power of the device, to weaken or to increase the action signal.

The manufacturer promises complete destruction of parasites within two weeks of using the device. 88% of buyers rated this product 5 out of a possible 5 points.

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So we looked at three repellents, with different working principles. For filing mice or rats, it is possible to choose the most optimal option for yourself: repel by ultrasound, destruction by electric or mechanical current.

In any case, it will be possible to get rid of pests in the shortest possible time.