Today, stores sell “exotic” means of controlling rodents from the point of view of a simple layman. These devices include electric repellents that operate on 220 V, as well as special electric mousetraps. It should be noted that electric mouse traps are a more effective tool for controlling pests such as rodents than, for example, their ordinary mechanical counterparts. However, such devices in stores are not cheap, so to save money, you can build a simple electric mousetrap yourself, at home with improvised means.

Materials and tools needed

An electric device such as an electric mousetrap can be quickly made with your own hands, while saving a significant amount of money. To make such a rodent control device, you will need materials and components such as:

  • rechargeable battery (12V)
  • small plates of plain pewter or aluminum;
  • capacitor (is a converter of the load coming from the battery, 380V);
  • a plank of wood or a small sheet of plywood (serves as a base for the mousetrap).

In addition, when making an electric mousetrap, you need to prepare a small amount of materials in advance, as well as wires. They will be needed in the future to connect the trap to a power source and transmit electricity.

Manufacturing Instructions

Homemade electric mousetraps can have a variety of designs, however, despite this, the principle of operation of these devices is the same. A rodent that has fallen into such a mousetrap dies instantly from an electric shock.

To make your own electric mousetrap, you need:

  1. Attach to the support, using self-tapping screws or nails, small metal plates. It should be noted that the distance between the plates should be about 1-2 cm.
  2. Then, from the battery, through a special converter (capacitor), two wires must be connected to the plates. One wire is connected to one plate from the “+” terminal, to the other from the “-” terminal.
  3. Next, you need to put food on a metal surface that will attract rodents.
  4. On the way to the bait you need to make a small tunnel that would imitate a hole with its shape. To create such a tunnel, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle. Its design should be such that the rodent, trying to catch the bait, steps on the metal plates with both paws at the same time.

The rodent’s body itself acts as a conductor through which electric current passes. The scheme of operation of such an electric mousetrap is quite simple. The mouse, trying to grab the installed bait, simultaneously steps on the electrodes. As a result, an electrical circuit is closed and electricity passes through the rodent’s body. This causes a mouse caught in an electric mousetrap to die from an electric shock within 3 seconds.

For successful capture of rodents, it is recommended to use products with a strong aroma and a stable smell as bait. For example, to settle in a do-it-yourself electric mousetrap, as bait you can use smoked lard or fried bread in sunflower oil (preferably unrefined).