During welding work, do you constantly lack improvised means that will support the parts or highlight the hard-to-reach places? A situation quite familiar to many masters. But there is a way out, it is enough to create your own universal assistant – the “third hand”. Consider below the design method and what you need to buy.

What it will take

To craft the device, you need to acquire the following materials:

  • thick stiff metal wire – two pieces about 20-25 cm each (any length at your discretion);
  • single-core wire for lighting;
  • for the base – a square of material capable of ensuring the stability of the structure (board, plywood, MDF, laminate, etc.);
  • “super glue”, a small tube will do (can be replaced with hot glue);
  • battery connector. To supply energy, you can use the Krona battery;
  • weak base and lamp;
  • two clips – “crocodiles”;
  • heat-shrink sleeves that will be placed on the sharp teeth of the pliers to prevent the deformation of the parts during the welding process.

In addition to the necessary consumables, you will need the following tools:

  • drill, with a fine drill;
  • a small wood saw;
  • chisel;
  • pliers.

After preparing the materials, you can start the assembly process.

Manufacturing sequence

The third-hand assistant is mounted in the following order:

  • alligator clips are attached to the prepared pieces of wire;
  • a support is prepared with a saw, on which the structures will be fixed;
  • markings are made on the finished base: the points where you need to install the clamps, a place for the lamp and the crown of the battery;
  • mounting holes are drilled with a drill;
  • a recess for the battery is chiseled;
  • the wire with the “crocodile” is inserted into the prepared holes and fixed with glue;
  • other elements are fixed in a similar way (battery, wire with a base);
  • a heat-shrinkable protective tube is laid over the teeth of the pliers.

The design is ready, it remains only to try it out at work, evaluating the effectiveness.

Recommendations to improve the device

The manufactured product will become an indispensable companion when working with a soldering iron at home. It can also be used when assembling small parts, layouts.

When choosing clamp support materials, any heavy gauge wire can be selected that can provide the flexibility needed to support the required parts. The wire can be replaced with an alternative option – several metal plates and corners connected to each other. In this case, the structure will be fixed with screws.

If desired, in the “third hand” configuration, you can increase the number of supports, as well as add a magnifying device (for example, a magnifying glass), provide a support that will hold the soldering iron (it is recommended to use copper wire).

For convenience, a small metal insert can be attached to the work surface of the base. It will be necessary to use solder, flux and other necessary materials to solder on it.

Having performed simple steps using improvised materials, you can do it yourself, very quickly, to assemble an irreplaceable thing that will facilitate the soldering process and make it more comfortable.