A Tesla Model And The Cheapest One Is On The Way, Costing Less Than US$60,000

from Tesla The ‘accessible’ SUVs are already getting cheaper, now that the new Tesla Model Y will be available for less than $ 60,000. The Model Y should be a water distributor for Tesla when it launches in March 2020. It’s better than the Model 3, more family-friendly, and costs significantly less than the Model X.

Unfortunately, the longer the Model Y stays out of the market, the cheaper it will be. Tesla initially promised a long-term version of the Model Y for $47,000 and then launched a long-term version of the model for just $39,000. Today, the long-term model Y starts at US$64,990 and goes up to at least US$67,990 with a deadline. To make matters worse, there is no one-size-fits-all version. For a vehicle that needs to turn into a Tesla SUV that’s easier to use, the Model Y leaves a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, a cheaper Model Y is on the way. At home with Tesla employees, electric Tesla recently confirmed it will shortly launch the “Model Y Standard Range AWD”. This version of Model Y is currently available for internal purchase of Tesla features and will be expanded to the general public “In the coming weeks.” The best part? The price is US$59,990. Embora is very long for the $39,000 price Tesla promised a few years ago, still $3,000 cheaper than the current model and cheaper.

But the lowest price isn’t the only exciting thing about the new Model Y Standard Range AWD. electric It was also confirmed that this version will count towards Tesla’s new 4680 cells. The updated battery offers more energy, power and potential than previous generations, making the Model Y a better vehicle than it was a few years ago. It reportedly goes from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and has a speed of 279 miles – a significant increase from the 230 miles that the old $39,000 Model Y would have left behind.

While the US$59,990 price could still be more than what some are available to spend, it’s reassuring that Tesla has updated the Model Y in a cheaper way, not worse. It’s better, but there’s still a step in the right direction Tesla Model Y should be an accessible SUV.

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