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  1. Set up Gmail in Outlook with these easy steps
  2. Access Gmail from Outlook Mail
  3. Send email from Gmail to

Set up Gmail in Outlook with these easy steps

If you want to keep your Gmail email address but want to use the interface on to send email, you can link your Gmail account to your Outlook mail to get the best of both worlds.

By following the steps below, you can send email from your Gmail address, but you don’t need to be logged in to; it’s all well done in your Outlook Mail account.

You can add up to 20 Gmail accounts (or other email accounts) to Outlook Mail to combine all your email accounts into one.

These instructions apply to any email account you use on, including,,, and more.

If you want to receive all your Gmail emails on, but don’t want to import or send your entire Gmail account from your Gmail account using Outlook Mail, you can set up Gmail to forward messages to your Outlook account .

Access Gmail from Outlook Mail

Follow these steps to set up Gmail on (or to speed things up, open this link in your Outlook Mail settings and skip to step 3):

  1. Open your Outlook Mail account.

  2. Click on icon settings in the top right corner, then click View all Outlook settings .

  3. In the left pane, go to the section mail > Synchronize email .

  4. Select gmail in the right panel below Connected Accounts . The Google login page will open.

  5. On screen Link your Google account enter the display name you want to use when sending email from Gmail through Outlook Mail. There are two options:

    • Link your Google account so we can import your email from Gmail. You can also send email from Outlook using your Gmail address.

    • Connect your Google account to send email from Outlook with your Gmail address (add as send only account)

  6. Select the second option above to add Gmail as a send-only account.

    If you choose the first option above to sync your accounts, you can choose to import incoming messages into a new folder or drop them directly into your Outlook Mail inbox.

  7. Click Okay .

  8. Sign in to the Gmail account you want to use in Outlook Mail and allow any Microsoft requests to access your account.

  9. Click Okay on the page, which displays a confirmation explaining that your Gmail account is connected to Outlook mail.

    If you choose to sync your Gmail account, you can check the Gmail import progress at any time from the same screen in Step 2 above. You’ll see the “Updating” status until the transfer is complete, which can take a while if you have a lot of emails to import. When it’s done, you will see that it will change to “Current”.

    Send email from Gmail to

    Now that you’ve connected Gmail to Outlook Mail, you’ll need to change the “From” address to be able to send new emails from Gmail:

  10. Go back to step 3 above, then scroll down to Set default address with .

  11. In chapter Set default address select your Gmail account from the drop-down menu.

  12. Select SAVE to make your Gmail account the new default “Send As” address in Outlook Mail.

This will only change the default email address for new emails. When you reply to a message, you can always select your Outlook address or your Gmail address (or any other address you have added) by selecting it with the button By at the top of the message.

If you want to send email from the Outlook desktop app using your Gmail account, you can set up Outlook to send email through Gmail using the IMAP or POP protocol.

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