Action Script Basics: Inserting a Simple Stop

The stop command is probably the most basic of all the action script commands, and the most important. A stop is basically an instruction in the ActionScript programming language that tells your Flash movie to pause at a particular frame instead of continuing to the end of the animation or infinite loop.

The purpose of the stop command

The stop commands are especially useful if you’re playing an animation before stopping while waiting for the user’s response; You would insert a stop command at the end of the animation once the options are displayed to the user. This prevents the animation from jumping past the options without giving the user the option to select one.

Access to ActionScripts

Although ActionScripting is a programming language, the Flash library allows you to “write” in this language without typing the code yourself. Follow these steps to insert a stop at any point in your animation:

  • Create a new layer. Tag him Actions and insert a keyframe at the frame where you want the Flash movie to stop.

  • Right click on a keyframe and select Actions . A simplified version of the ActionScript library and interface appears, with a window where you can view all the actions currently applied to the frame, as well as an expanding list of script categories.

  • Click on a category Actions to expand it and then to a subcategory Movie Control to display a list of available commands.

  • Double click on the list to add a stop command stop or drag it into the window that displays the ActionScript script for that frame. You can also click the “+” button above the window to add a new script element.

And it’s everything. You’ve added a stop command that tells your movie to pause at that particular frame, and it’s your first time working with ActionScripting.

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