Add a contact to your address book

  1. Save new contact directly from email
  2. People app in
  3. Add a sender to contacts
  4. Access saved contacts in the People app
  5. Organize contacts with contact lists

Save new contact directly from email

Adding email addresses to contacts manually is a maintenance task that takes effort and time. Fortunately, makes adding new people to your contact list a simple process, especially if they’ve emailed you.

People app in

The People app allows you to keep track of your contacts and their information in a convenient and easy-to-manage address book.

  1. You can open the People app by going to and clicking the app launcher icon in the top left corner.

  2. Clicking the launch icon will open a new window listing all available Microsoft cloud applications. Select application People to open the contact list.

  3. In the People app, you can view all your contacts at once or organize them into subfolders to keep them organized.

  4. You can add or remove contacts from the People app itself or add them from email.

Add a sender to contacts

Follow these steps to add an email sender to your Contacts from Outlook Mail.

  1. Open the message of the sender you want to add. Click on their name in the row From or To copy † The sender’s contact information is displayed in the frame on the right.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the contact details window and select Show more

  3. Click Add to contacts on the right side of the contact window. The Add Contact window opens.

  4. The sender’s name and email address are pre-populated in these fields. You can add and edit information in the other available fields, such as first name, last name, and notes.

  5. Use the link add more to add nicknames, birthdays, the names of their significant others, company information, personal web pages, and more.

  6. When you’re done, select To create at the bottom of the window to save contact details. Your new contact is now in the People app under Your contacts

Access saved contacts in the People app

Press the button Start application in the upper-left corner of the page. Click on a tile People to open the application.

In the Contacts app, you can sort the contacts in your address book, including by first name, last name, company, recently added, and more.

There are shortcuts to access your contacts while using

  1. Search field † Find contacts by searching using the search box at the top of the window. In the Mail app, you can also search for contacts added to the People app using the search box at the top.

  2. in field † When composing an email, start typing your name in the field To who † As you do that, Outlook displays suggestions from senders and your contacts. When you see your intended contact, click on the name to add them as a recipient. Otherwise click Looking for people to expand your contact search.

  3. After you add a contact to the People app, you can easily find them when you need to send an email.

Organize contacts with contact lists

Organize your contacts by creating contact lists on that you can define in one place. For example, try creating a list of your favorite contacts or a list of your family contacts. By adding them to the People app, you can access the list in any Microsoft cloud app that lets you send messages or connect with contacts.

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