Add a degree symbol to PowerPoint slides

  1. Can’t find the degree board? Here’s How To Get It
  2. Insert the degree symbol using the PowerPoint ribbon
  3. Insert degree symbol with hotkey

Can’t find the degree board? Here’s How To Get It

You will not find the ° (degree symbol) on the keyboard. Insert the degree symbol into Microsoft PowerPoint in two ways, both of which are described below.

Insert the degree symbol using the PowerPoint ribbon

  1. Select the text box on the slide where you want to place the degree symbol.

  2. On the tab Insert select Symbol † In some versions of PowerPoint, this option appears on the right side of the menu.

  3. In the window that opens, make sure “Font:” is selected in the menu (flat text) and in another menu – Superscript and subscript

  4. At the bottom of this window, select next to “from” ASCII (decimal)

  5. Scroll until you find the degree sign.

  6. Press the button Insert At the bottom.

  7. Click close to to close the dialog symbol and return to the PowerPoint document.

PowerPoint probably won’t confirm that you have completed step 6. After you click . clicked Insert , if you want to make sure the degree sign is actually inserted, just move the dialog to the side or close it. bill.

Insert degree symbol with hotkey

Keyboard shortcuts are more efficient, especially when inserting characters like these, where you would otherwise have to scroll through a list of dozens of other characters to find the right one.

In fact, this method works no matter where you are, including email, web browser, etc.

Use the standard keyboard to insert the degree symbol

  1. Choose exactly where you want the degree board.

  2. Use the degree symbol shortcut to insert the character: Alt+0176
    In other words, keep the key pressed alt and then enter the next key 0176 from the keyboard. After entering the numbers, you can release the Alt key to see the degree symbol [°]†
    If this step doesn’t work, check if the keyboard on your keyboard isn’t not Activate Num Lock (ie disable Num Lock). When enabled, the keyboard will not accept numeric values. You cannot insert a degree sign with the top row of numbers.

No numeric keypad

Each laptop keyboard contains: fn (function key. It is used to access additional functions not normally available due to the fewer keys on a standard laptop keyboard.

If you don’t have a keyboard on your keyboard, but do have function keys, try this:

  1. Keep the keys pressed alt And fn together.

  2. Find keys that match function keys (same colors as Fn keys).

  3. As above, press the keys that show 0176 and then release the Alt and Fn keys to insert the degree symbol.

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