Add an email to Google Calendar

Convert Gmail messages to Google Calendar events

Appointments, appointments, reminders, tasks, and other items are usually added to Google Calendar manually or through someone else’s invitations. This handy online organization tool helps us keep our busy lives in order so that we never miss milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, or important events like dance shows and dental checkups.

One little-known feature that Calendar offers is the ability to create appointments from your own emails, which can be useful for a number of reasons. It’s obvious to add an item to your schedule from an email that contains details about a particular appointment or event, such as the address or dress code, making it easy to refer to that information as the date. approaches. One not-so-obvious use of this feature is to set reminders to track specific emails by pulling calendar events from the messages themselves, once again ensuring that all pertinent details are always accompanied by a timestamp.

Just because this feature isn’t widely published doesn’t mean it isn’t worth adding to the digital repertoire, as it can improve productivity and greatly simplify your day-to-day workflow.

Add an email to Google Calendar

  1. Open Gmail in a new tab or web browser window.

  2. Select the email you want to add to your Google Calendar by clicking it once.

  3. Press the button Lake represented by three vertically aligned dots and on the right side of the Gmail toolbar (just above the email subject line).

  4. Select an option when the drop-down menu appears Create event

  5. A new tab will open to load the creation interface Google Events Calendar † You’ll notice that most of the details from your email are pre-populated in the event fields, including the subject line and body. All fields can be edited in this interface, the most important being the date and time of the event, as well as any reminders you want to set.

    Any attachments that were part of the original email are also included in this calendar event.

  6. If you are satisfied with the new information about the event, click the button Save to add them to your Google Calendar. You also have the option to invite guests to view and/or edit this newly created event.

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