Add an image to a contact in Gmail

Put a friendly face on this email address

Would you rather see email addresses or photos of your friends and colleagues?

Well, you can force Gmail to display each image for each contact. Others may “suggest” an image to display (like you), but you can easily change that.

Once a contact has been given a photo, you can see it when you hover over an email address or name. Since the Google apps are linked, the images you add will also transfer to your Android contacts, as long as their email address and phone number are in the same entry.

Add an image to a contact in Gmail

Follow these steps to customize an image for a contact in Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail in a browser and sign in.

  2. Find app icon in the top right corner of your Gmail screen. It is a grid of squares similar to the app launcher on Android. Choose it.

  3. A new menu will open with your Google apps. Select Contacts

  4. You will be added to your contact list. Select the contact you want to add an image to and hover your mouse over it. The list darkens and a series of icons appear on the right.

  5. Click pencil icon to the right of the contact to start editing.

  6. A new form opens with information about your contact. You can edit all the information about your contact here, including their photo. Find gray portrait badge in the top left corner of the form and select it.

  7. Another new modal window will appear on your screen with the option Upload a photo † Click It.

  8. Find your profile picture and select it.

  9. After the photo is uploaded, you have the option to make minor changes before saving it.

    When you’re done, return to the contact form. Now the image is instead of the gray portrait icon. When you’re done editing, click Save

  10. Gmail will now show you your contact’s new profile, including the photo you added.

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