Add comic speech bubbles and speech bubbles to your photos

Decorate your photos by adding cartoon style speech bubbles. You can add them to your photos in several ways.

  1. Use a meme generator
  2. Using Microsoft Paint
  3. using photoshop
  4. LibreOffice Draw

Use a meme generator

Many online meme generators support speech or thought bubbles superimposed over an uploaded or stock photo image. For example, services like SuperLame include more than one option for these bubbles.

Using Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint on Windows 10 remains free and a solid fallback. The modern version of Paint includes built-in callouts for speech and speech bubbles. Simply open your favorite image and drag a caption over it, then add a text box with a caption overlay.

using photoshop

Adobe Photoshop isn’t cheap — a Creative Cloud subscription costs between $15 and $50, depending on your student status and what you decide to buy — but it’s the gold standard for image editing.

Photoshop provides a quick and easy way to add a speech bubble:

  1. Open an image.

  2. Hover over the Rectangle tool to display the callout, then choose from that submenu user form. Photoshop in its default configuration opens a menu above the image to support the Custom Shape tool.

  3. Draw a freehand shape or click the drop-down list Form to choose from nearly two dozen pre-installed shapes.

  4. Use the Custom Shape menu to add a fill and stroke to the callout bubble.

  5. Use the Text tool to add text and format text.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is part of the LibreOffice family, which is a competitor to Microsoft Office, and includes an easy-to-use drawing menu that supports dynamically resizing callout windows.

  1. Open the image in LibreOffice Draw; then press Vision Toolbars Drawing

  2. The caption menu on the Draw toolbar displays seven different caption templates. Click on one; then draw an explanatory note on your image.

  3. Click on the anchor points to adjust the explanation. Use the yellow anchor to place the bell near the corresponding character’s mouth.

  4. Enter your message in the thought bubble. You don’t need to insert a special overlay text box.

  5. Use the Properties menu in the right sidebar of the application window to change the callout symbol, paragraph, fill, transparency, shadow, and stroke.

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