Add image to email signature

Add some visual spice to your signature

Make your signature stand out in email messages by adding an image or animation. Use the WYSIWYG interface to insert almost any image or animation file. supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, SVG and other popular image file types. Most graphics programs convert images and animations that are not in these formats.

The instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Add an image to your signature

To insert an image or animation in an email signature in

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select View all Outlook settings

  3. in the window Settings go to mail and choose Create and reply

  4. In a text field Email signature place the cursor where you want to insert the image and then select Insert images in line

  5. In the dialog box Open select image then select Open

  6. Add additional text to the signature, then select Save

  7. close to Settings

When you create A new message a caption with an image or animation appears in the message box.

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