Add movie credits to a PowerPoint presentation

Give credit to the people who helped you create your presentation. Use animation to get continuous credits and add a professional touch to your PowerPoint presentation.

The instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint for Office 365, PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, and PowerPoint 2010.

  1. Creation of credits
  2. Increase the number of role credits
  3. Change text color
  4. Change background color
  5. Add animation

Creation of credits

If you want to thank a list of people who helped with your presentation, create running credits at the end of your presentation.

  1. Insert a blank slide. Place the slide at the end of the presentation.

  2. Add a text box to a slide or use a text box on a template. To add a text box, select Insert > Text box and drag it to draw a frame on the slide.

  3. Select House > Centre to align the text with the center of the text box. Or click on ctrl + E to center the text in the text box.

  4. Enter a presentation title or comment in the text box.

  5. Enter the name and any other relevant information for each person in the rolling credits in the text box. Click Enter three times between each item in the list.

  6. As you enter names, the text box remains the same size, but the text shrinks and may extend beyond the text box. Do not worry. You will be changing the size of the names shortly.

  7. Add a closing statement after the list of names.

Increase the number of role credits

After entering all titles, drag to select all text in the text box or use the hotkey ctrl + A .

  1. Select House > Font size and change the font size for sliding credits to 32 . The text box may extend beyond the bottom of the slide.

  2. Center the text on the slide if it isn’t already centered.

  3. Change the font if you want to use a different font.

Change text color

To change the font color on a PowerPoint slide:

  1. Select text.

  2. Select House .

  3. Click down arrow font color and choose a new text color.

Change background color

You can also change the background color of the entire slide.

  1. Select a blank area of ​​the slide outside the text box.

  2. Select Design > Background format . Or right-click on the slide and select Background format .

  3. Select the Fill option. For a solid background, select firm filling .

  4. Click down arrow Colour and choose a background color.

  5. Drag slider Transparency to change the transparency of the background.

Add animation

Add a custom animation to a tab Animations on the tape.

  1. Select the text box on the slide.

  2. Select Animations .

  3. Select Add animation .

  4. Select Additional Input Effects .

  5. Select Loans in the exciting group.

  6. Select Okay .

  7. Select Animation panel .

  8. Click the down arrow next to the text box animation and select timing .

  9. Choose the speed at which you want the credits to roll into the field Duration .

  10. Select Okay .

  11. Save and run your presentation. Rolling credits appear just like in the preview.

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