Add music to Google Slides

  1. Keep your slides in the music madness
  2. Link to online music
  3. Add video to slide
  4. Upload audio or video to Google Drive

Keep your slides in the music madness

Google Slides does not provide an integrated way to add music to a presentation. However, you can choose a workaround that effectively adds background music to Google Slides.

Link to online music

If you have access to an online music service, you can add a link to the online track in your Google Slides presentation. You can also link to music from YouTube videos.

  1. Open Google Slides.

  2. Open the presentation to which you want to add music or start a new slideshow.

  3. Select the slide to which you want to add music.

  4. Click Insert .

  5. move over form and press arrows .

    You can use a different shape or image if you want.

  6. Click the arrow you want to appear on the slide and draw the arrow on the slide.

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  7. In another web browser tab or window, navigate to the website of the music service you want to use to add music to your presentation.

  8. Copy the link to the song you want to play during the presentation.

    Please refer to the service instructions for copying music links.

  9. Go back to the slide you’re editing in Google Slides.

  10. Click the arrow you added to the slide.

  11. Open the menu Insert and press Clutch . Or click on Ctrl-K. The Insert Link dialog box opens.

  12. Click ctrl-v or right click in the “Link” field and click Insert .

  13. Click Apply .

When you start the presentation, click the link arrow. The music service opens in another browser window and starts playing the song. The music will play until it stops or until you close it.

Add video to slide

As mentioned, you can link to music from a YouTube video, but you can also embed a video on a slide. This option may be preferable if you only want to play a short clip or audio clip, as the audio will stop as soon as you move to the next slide.

  1. Open the presentation to which you want to add the video and select the slide where you want to place the video.

  2. Click Insert .

  3. Click Video . The Insert Video dialog box opens and you see options to search YouTube, enter a URL, or download a video from Google Drive.

  4. Find a video on YouTube or enter the website address you want to use. Click on the video in the results and click Select . The video box is added to the slide.

  5. Resize the video or drag it to another area on the slide if necessary.

When presenting a slideshow, click the arrow on the video thumbnail to start the video that plays in the window. When you go to the next slide, the video and audio stop.

Upload audio or video to Google Drive

If you want to add your own audio, such as a clip you recorded, you can do so by saving the file to Google Drive and then adding it to your presentation.

Upload your audio or video files to Google Drive using the same Google Account you use to create and present your slideshow.

  1. Locate the audio file in Google Drive, but don’t open it.

  2. Right click on the file and select Get public link . A link to the file will appear.

  3. Select and copy the link.

  4. Go to your Google Slides presentation and select the slide you want to add music to.

  5. Click ctrl-v or right click on the slide and click Insert to insert a link to the slide.

  6. Or enter text on the slide. Highlight text and click Ctrl-K to open the Insert Link dialog box. Paste the link in the dialog box and click Enter .

  7. When you start your presentation, click the link to open the file in another browser window or tab.

  8. Press the button Play in the file to play the track. The music will play until it stops or until you close it.

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