Add snow to photos in Photoshop Elements

Nothing evokes a cold winter day like falling snow. Unfortunately, the snow is not always clearly visible in the photos. Whether you don’t have snow or want to add snow to a photo you took without snow, Photoshop Elements makes it easy to add snow to a photo.

  1. Create a new layer
  2. Choose a snow brush
  3. Making snow layers
  4. Complete the snow effect

Create a new layer

To add snow to an image, start by opening it in Photoshop Elements and creating a new blank layer by clicking the New layer above the layer view. Leave the cover on 100 percent and the overlay style is normal

Choose a snow brush

Snowflakes have different shapes, but they are so small that we see them as irregular dots when they fall. Because of this, you don’t want to choose a snowflake brush or a perfectly round brush.

Select Brush † Now look at the standard brushes and choose a brush with small ragged edges that make the snow look fluffy.

Click Brush Settings and change the spread and distance. This allows you to add multiple flakes with one click and avoid lumps. If you want to add flakes even faster, click on the airbrush icon in the brush menu and the flakes will appear as long as you keep the mouse button pressed.

Making snow layers

Blur the snow layer in the image. You may need to adjust the brush size a few times to find the right size for your particular photo. After adding the snow layer, go to the menu Filter and then to fade † Select there Motion blur † From the Motion Blur menu, select a direction at a small angle and close range. The goal is to suggest movement, not to completely blur the flakes.

Repeat this process a few times to create the illusion of depth for the snowflakes. Changing the brush size for some flakes also helps to add this effect.

Complete the snow effect

To put the finishing touches on the snow effect, draw some scattered scales that are not blurry. Don’t forget to put the cornflakes in front of your subject. Because you are using a separate layer, you can always erase any flakes that are obscuring the eye or any other important part of the subject.

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