All Beats Studio Buds listening phones and what to buy

O Batidas Studio Buds are among the best smartphones to come in 2022 and, unlike Apple’s AirPods, are available in a variety of ways for consumers to choose from. Here’s a quick guide to all the ways Studio Buds is available, along with what’s best to buy.

Apple acquired Beats in 2014 to help the company’s presence in the audio space. In the years that followed, this takeover became very successful. Part of Apple opened its own line of AirPods, also slaughtered the Beats brand and continued to launch smartphones on it. In June 2021, Studio Buds was launched as one of the most recent Beats listening phones. Between good audio quality, a sleek design and equally excellent support on the iPhone and Android, the Beats Studio Buds pack a lot into the table for an order price of US$149.

Another advantage of Beats Studio Buds is the selection of cores. While AirPods and AirPods Pro only come in white, Apple tends to ditch Beats to have a little more fun with the style of their gadgets. In the case of Studio Buds, there are six colors available: Beats Red, White, Black, Sunset Pink, Moon Gray and Ocean Blue. All six cores are available on Beats and Apple sites, while things get a little complicated regarding third-party availability. Sunset Pink is a Target exclusive, Moon Gray is available on Amazon, and Ocean Blue can be found at Best Buy. Also, Beats Red, White and Black are available at three retailers.

If you’re looking for the most iconic heart of Studio Buds, Beats Red is the way to go. Beats is often associated with the brilliant red logo and the color Beats Red imitates that perfectly. The earphones and charging bars are a bright yellow color with a white outline for the Beats logo ‘b’. It’s brilliant, strong and good looking.

Since some people like Beats Red, others may be bored with the brilliance and intensity of the heart. If this is your case, White Studio Buds may be more suitable. The all-white paint is sleek, minimalist and the ready ‘b’ logo provides a subtle panda aesthetic. In the long run, you can confuse the Studio Buds industry with a pair of AirPods! If this is the kind of simplicity you want for your listening phones then it’s hard to go wrong with White Studio Buds.

Do you want something more basic than white? Studio Buds in Preto could at least be a better school. The Black Studio Buds invert the colors of the white model, revealing a solid white paint and a discreet white ‘b’ logo. And there’s not much to say! They are discreet, fickle and clunky, but fulfill all the cores of Studio Buds. If you’re trying to live the ‘good’ lifestyle, Black Studio Buds are for you.

More than once, the Sunset Pink Studio Buds are really interesting. The earphones are a beautiful pastel pink color, similar to the outer part of the charging bar. The interior of the cabinet, meanwhile, has a bad coat of paint. It blends perfectly with the pink on the outside and gives Sunset Pink Studio Buds a two-ton design that we can’t stand.

At the extreme opposite of the spectrum is Lua Cinza. Like Black Studio Buds, Moon Gray is quite talkative compared to some of the other colors available. And for some people, this is exactly what they want. Combined with a clean ‘b’ logo and a darker shade on the inside of the fabric, Moon Gray is the most natural possible for Studio Buds cores.

Last but not least, there are Studio Buds in Ocean Blue. The earphones and the outer part of the estuary are covered in a deep blue and dark that resembles the depths of an ocean (that’s the name). The interior of the box is complimented by a brighter shade of blue, while the ‘b’ logo stands out in a bright orange/yellow colour. Ocean Blue is arguably the most adventurous of Studio Buds and if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s bound to go awry.

The best heart of Beats Studio Buds is the one that seems best to anyone reading this. The Beats theme has six different styles to choose from is fantastic, and it’s a move Apple should seriously consider adapting to future AirPods launches. Someone chooses Batidas Red, white, pink por-do-sol or whatever, they can be sure to get some hard-boiled phones.

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