Apple cars can have advanced operating systems

maçã The company is developing a centrally integrated control system like Tesla’s for its self-driving cars. There are many rumours. Apple’s self-driving car project, codenamed “Titan”, has been underway for several years, but little is known about the team. Embora several tools on Apple’s car have revealed some information about the project, most of which remains in the seal.

The cement of the self-driving car industry was laid in 2004, when DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the secret arm of the Pentagon, organized a competition to prompt engineers to design a car that could travel 150 miles (150 miles) across the desert. run. mojave. The tour is open to all and carries a US$1 million bounty. Robots, engineering students, do-it-yourselfers, all four to be smart, but no one suggested that year. Three years later, however, four groups completed the course, laying the foundation for a multi-billion dollar industry.

A new story from a Taiwan publication digital era True, the Apple car, there are many rumors, will run a centrally integrated operating system, very similar to the Tesla operating system. According to the report, there will be a single point of control for all aspects of the car, including directional resources such as navigation and speed control, entertainment resources such as Apple Music integration and comfort such as air conditioning. The reporter also states that the car will be equipped with automated sensors from a non-Korean company. The sensors will be part of a Domain Control Unit (DCU) and will process data provided by cameras, covers and other sensors used to build automated cars.

The new Apple Car story comes when the media spreads about it. Embora has had at least one recent report that Apple has fired the Apple Car team due to various issues, others have confirmed that the project is still underway and the car could open in 2025. That’s for sure, no one turbulence in the main team , with the loss of three key engineers late last year seemed like a big review. The developments following a mass exodus from early this year have already moved many of the key engineers and managers working on the project towards greener pastures.

Even with all the drama behind the project and the big hits of the past year, self-driving car jobs have steadily grown. As part of that process, Apple recently patented a new variable-tone solar detoxifier that the company calls “variably translucent.” At the end of last year, the company also applied for a patent for an external vehicle alarm system with lighting and sheets in accordance with maçãWithout a patent application, the configuration can notify pedestrians and other motorists on the road when the car is parked in automatic mode, with information about the speed, braking force and speed of the next two cars.

source: digital age (paywall)

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