Apple could unveil some new Macs at WWDC

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 kicks off on June 6 this year and, according to trusted sources, Apple’s annual developers conference will also be able to witness the launch of two new products. Maximum† Apple will launch its largest portfolio of devices of all time in 2022. While the iPhone will keep its holofotes, the Mac line will get more extensive hardware upgrades.

Like the M1 Ultra, Apple has completed diversification of the M1 chip family, and all those eyes are now on the next generation of M2 chips and the changes it will bring. The next MacBook Air is said to be one of the first machines equipped with M2, but the saga of the so-called launch window has ended up being quite turbulent. A new boat puts lentils on the fire pit. Now he predicts that an update for the MacBook Air is coming in less than two months.

in the latest version Bloomberg In a press release, Mark Gurman wrote, “I hear you say two new Macs are coming in May or early spring. One of them will definitely be the new MacBook Air.” An M2 chip will be available early next year, but later reports suggest the machine will launch in late 2022. But if Gurman’s latest allegations come true, Apple will be able to unveil the MacBook Air 2022 at its fledgling developer conference. will cover the latest updates to Apple’s operating systems portfolio, but the company also has a history of advertising hardware at its developer events.The 15-month MacBook Pro, the 2017 iMac Pro, and the 2019 Mac Pro are just a few examples of the new Mac hardware on display at WWDC.

It’s also worth noting that two years ago at WWDC, Apple announced a move from Intel to the Mac’s internal chips. Meanwhile, it makes sense that the company hopes to announce a successor to its popular M1 chip at its next developer event in June. In terms of hardware, the updated MacBook Air is considered to be the first Mac with an M2 chip. M-series chips in the next generation will have the same number of CPU cores, but the number of GPU cores will increase to new ones or 10. Returning to the MacBook Air, there are rumors that the iconic design was abandoned in favor with a more planned aesthetic and similar blocks to the MacBook Pro. However, there are also rumors that Apple will give it a new coat of ink, like the iMac.

Unfortunately, there is no information about other internal updates for the next laptop. Curiously, Gurman also mentioned the possibility of a second Mac at WWDC 2022. However, it’s not clear whether the machine will be an update to the Mac mini with the M2 chip, or whether Apple will “accessibly” update the MacBook Pro, which there is a price between the 14-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Apple plans to launch several models of M2 chips, including Pro, Max, Ultra, and even an Extreme model that is said to be next-generation Apple computer Pro.

source: Mark Gurman/Bloomberg A Bota

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