Apple iPhone 14 can connect via satellite

O iPhone 14 it’s only been a few months and the most interesting thing right now is that apple can offer connectivity via satellite. This can be a great help to travel or take a break from the rhythmic rhythm, longer on adventure in the city life. Cell phone coverage has improved dramatically, some areas have geological barriers to getting a signal so this is good news.

From the beginning, the iPhone has been defined by its cellular network. Of course, Apple’s original smartphone was simply called iPhone, but when the second-generation iPhone 3G was launched, the older model was called iPhone 2G. The second part refers to the type of mobile network being used. A 3G connection was much better than 2G, so Apple wanted to make that clear to customers. The names of the mobile networks are no longer part of the product, but they remain very important.

A recent report suggests there’s a good chance the iPhone 14 will get a better satellite connection. by Bloomberg Mark Gurman reports that this technology could also appear on the Apple Watch Series 8 this year. The satellite does not claim to replace 5G, which would not be possible due to bandwidth limitations. In that case, it will serve as a backup system to send an SOS to the emergency services. You can also have an option to send a short text message to emergency contacts. Apple would normally classify this as a health and safety benefit, something that continues to be a source of differentiators for their products, all with privacy. In recent months, Apple has already met with satellite provider Globalstar and 17 new satellites could be installed.

In line with recent gadgets and rumors, Apple’s new A16 processor, a 48-megapixel super-high-resolution image sensor, along with the existing 120 hectares of ProMotion fabric, LiDAR and an exclusive farão camera software for the iPhone 14 Pro 2022 are a brand new product from Apple. Let’s say, however, that the base iPhone 14 model uses the same A15 processor as last year’s iPhone 13 and has a 12-megapixel image sensor.

The only possible proposed changes are no by Bloomberg PowerOn newsletter is the potential for satellite connectivity and a larger base model, the iPhone 14 Max, while Apple may launch the smaller iPhone mini this year. Apple won’t launch one iPhone 14 it’s exactly the same as the iPhone 13. I haven’t seen the tone yet to indicate what an update might be.

Source: Bloomberg

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