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maçã We announced the winner of your most recent “Shot On iPhone” contest and shared what you said about how other people can get winning results using the iPhone 13 Pro Macro mode. With contributions from all over the world, each image is a unique and beautiful photo that helps highlight new photography sources close to the iPhone 13 Pro. What makes these images even more fascinating is that there is a world of tiny objects available to anyone with a smartphone that can focus very far away.

The original iPhone only has a camera, a 2 megapixel sensor on the back of the device. Apple didn’t add a selfie camera until the launch of the iPhone 4 three years ago. In 2016, Apple added a telephoto lens to the iPhone 7 Plus, which allows for closer shots of distant objects, but doesn’t do much for small objects. Phone lenses typically have shorter focal lengths, and when used with lenses that are very close to the iPhone, the zoom advantage is lost. In 2021, with the launch of the iPhone 13 Pro and its much improved ultra-large angled camera, a macro option will finally appear, which can focus on objects at different distances, greatly increasing the visibility of small details.

macro The macro display “Shot On iPhone” shows the possibilities of the ultra-large, angular camera of the iPhone 13 Pro. One of the tools to take a good photo is to pick the right moment so that it shines well. It takes time and practice, it’s also important to understand what equipment you’re using and how to get the most out of your camera. Apple has shared some great things that anyone with an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max can use to improve their macro photography. Proximity is important, and centralizing the subject gives it maximum definition. Or yes, you can touch the fabric to change the focus, if necessary, for a specific lens. Ultra wide angle cameras are always used for macro, portrait and 0.5x photos to get the best results. Sure, 1x can be used, but basically it’s a digital zoom for an ultra-wide angle lens.

Apple has launched the “Shot On iPhone” macro standard for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users around the world. Ten locations were selected from the entries that highlighted the diversity and outstanding photography of the iPhone photographers. The finalists come from China, Hungary, India, Italy, Spain, Thailand and the United States. The winner’s image will appear on, Apple’s Instagram page, and outdoors in select cities, properly displaying the winner. Apple is compensating photographers for commercial use, but these details are not shared in the press release.

The most popular themes are floral, featuring carmesim hibiscus, orval-colored lilies, vibrant giraffes, and contrasting tulips. The water is always beautiful for its extraordinary ability to capture light, and that macro presentation of sea glass in the water was the first veneer to be featured in an Apple press release. Water flows in the gutters and the gaseous water that envelop the rats in bolhs are also collected around the tops of the basins. Frozen water in the form of snowflakes on the skin of the filhote and illuminated fig rails after completing ten pictures Great and beautiful pictures maçã The highlights can be an ultimate inspiration for iPhone 13 Pro photographers to discover the little things in life and focus on the small details.

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