Apple still working on body temperature medium for series 8 of the watch

According to TF Securities informant and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, o Apple Watch The Series 8 can go with a body temperature sensor. The story confirms previous rumors that Apple is working on a new source for its next smartwatch line. Although the last generation Apple Watch came with a body temperature sensor, it still proves that some resources are available to us if Apple has been working for a while. According to a recent report, the Apple Watch won’t have the expected tools for monitoring arterial pressure and blood glucose until 2024.

Since its introduction in 2015, the Apple Watch has remained one of the world’s best-selling wearables. It saw several iterations over the past two years, with the latest generation launching late last year. It comes with a variety of essential health and safety resources, including EKG and residual detection, which have saved the lives of many users over the course of two years. The body temperature sensor is one of two sources the device doesn’t have yet, but if the most recent report is valid, it could be hitting the Apple Watch Series 8 this year.

In accordance with the informant’s new tweets Ming Chi KuoApple is working on a body temperature measurement tool for its latest-generation smartwatch line. In their tweets, Kuo confirmed that Apple has canceled the Watch Series 7 due to algorithm issues, but the company is working to fix those issues before the Watch Series 8 goes into mass production. If all goes according to plan, the Apple Watch Series 8 could be launched with the expected body temperature moderation feature, which is expected to be underway for some time. It’s worth noting, though, that Apple is planning a body temperature mediation tool to help with fertility planning, meaning it won’t be able to show any real leaks.

According to Kuo, the main drawback of implementing accurate body temperature measurement is that: “Skin temperature varies rapidly depending on the external environments.” Take the difficulty of measuring body temperature on the wrist with just the right precision with the hardware, the exact source of a “Excellent algorithm” to make it work. It is here that Apple is in for a revolution, while after Kuo’s new tweets, it seems that the company has solved some of the problems, and a new summary could reach the Apple Watch Series 8.

Oddly enough, while the Apple Watch Series 8 is ready to get a little body temperature, I mean the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 launches without a hitch. While previous reports suggested that Samsung could implement the new approach to its last-generation smartwatch, Kuo now confirms that the company may not be in a rush anymore. In any way, so oh Apple Watch Expect the Series 8 and Galaxy Watch 5 to launch this year. It will be interesting to see if both may be sent with the medium of body temperature or if this is one of these losses.

Font style: Ming-Chi Kuo/Twitter

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