Apple’s AR/VR headset could be on the rise

maçãThe AR/VR headset is one of the two most anticipated new products and should hit the market in the near future, but identifying a launch date proved difficult. The question remains even as Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) approaches. If the launch timeline of the rumors holds true, Apple will enter the virtual reality world at an ideal time, as Meta and others are already working to change mainstream technology.

Rumors that Apple would create an augmented reality system on the head were initially very optimistic, with hopes that the iPhone maker would launch a product that appears to have ordinary eyes. Since then, the name “Apple Glass” has become widely accepted, but the devices suggest it will be available for at least a few years until a product is operational. In that case, expect a device that is more compatible with your existing VR listening phones.

in a story, Bloombergthe Mark Gurman shared some insights on what Apple could reveal about the next smartphone at its developer conference. As a costume, Apple will announce the next version of iOS at WWDC, and Gurman says the iOS 16 beta will have several references to Apple’s AR/VR headset and how it interacts with the iPhone. Apple could even give developers a flashlight of rOS (Reality Operating System), which is presumably the most important software for a listening phone. Meanwhile, Gurman speculates that Apple’s mista reality headset could launch during the iOS 16 cycle, which should launch in September 2022 and run until the following year. If Gurman’s information is correct, Apple’s AR/VR hardware and software can be confirmed, even if the company doesn’t officially name the laptop.

A lot of information about Apple’s AR/VR search has already been revealed in Apple’s patent records, details about the next phone to be heard have not yet been confirmed, and there is no launch date with agreement BloombergHistorians say the product will likely launch in late 2022 or 2023, but this has not been confirmed.

The ongoing failure of the global supply chain interrupts the cycles of development and product launches. For Apple, it’s generally a slow process for a new product category. However, Apple’s headphones have been rumored for at least five years, while even with the delay, the product’s launch seems imminent. As Meta and other companies aggressively advance in AR and VR, maçã The action will be needed as soon as possible.

source: Bloomberg

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