Apple’s next HomePod could be an Apple TV and a FaceTime camera

maçã The company is still working on a three-to-one product that will combine the functionality of the high-definition smart HomePod, Apple TV, and a FaceTime.written camera. Bloomberg In May 2021, Apple journalist and prolific salesman Mark Gurman first revealed that a new HomePod device was in the works. The reporter also revealed that the device will be a high-gloss smart distinctive with embossed fabric, Apple TV functionality and a FaceTime camera.

Earlier this year, a Redditor shared a video from Siri stating that in response to questions from users, it was possible to get proof of the next HomePod with a blanket. “Show on your HomePod.” Obviously neither the original HomePod nor the HomePod mini cove is a fabric, so the reference to the HomePod fabric seems to confirm Gurman’s earlier confirmation that Apple is actually working on the device.

In accordance with the latest version of Mark Gurman Open Not to mention, Apple continues to develop a new HomePod product that barely acts like an Apple TV device, but also has a built-in FaceTime camera. He also said the company probably won’t develop more than a powerful HomePod car, while a new HomePod mini could still be launched. Gurman’s final confirmation comes with a new Apple patent recently discovered. “Electronic Devices with Visual Feedback.” Rumors following the news of the patent application suggest that Apple could be working on something similar to Google’s Nest Hub Max, although no new concrete allegations have been confirmed.

As in Gurman’s story less than a year ago, he said the next device will allow viewers to watch Apple TV content and video games as an Apple TV template. It also allows users to join FaceTime’s bate-papo, and the HomePod feature allows users to play any music. As a smart hub device, it also supports Apple’s Siri digital assistant, ready to go. Gurman also said that device development is still in its infancy and companies may eventually decide not to go ahead with it. However, the latest developments now suggest it could still be an important part of Apple’s two plans.

Launched in 2018, the HomePod has never been more popular than the Amazon Echo and Apple decided to discontinue it a year ago. However, the company still provides support with software updates. On the other hand, HomePod mini devices are relatively the most popular, largely cheaper at their most accessible prices. maçã television department.

source: Boot/Bloomberg

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